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BCPS - Summer LEC

Summer LEC

Welcome to BCPS Summer Virtual LEC with Imagine Language and Literacy. Below you will find information to help you get started, along with How-to document, and tutorial videos.

Access from Home

As a reminder, teachers and students will continue to access Imagine Learning through Clever.

Teacher and Student Login

Browser: Google Chrome

Log in using district Clever SSO (Single Sign On)

Usage Recommendations

60-90 minutes a week

Teachers must manually create groups, assign existing students, and edit language settings. View How-to PDF below.

Usage Tools and Reports

Administrators and teachers can continue to monitor usage during this time. It is a great opportunity to take a deep dive into the Imagine Language + Literacy Usage Tool and Predicted EOY Report. Additional information on the Usage Tool and Predicted EOY report is available in the tutorials linked below. Make sure to choose the video most appropriate for your role on campus.

Administrator - Usage Tutorial

Teacher - Usage Tutorial

Progress Reports

Monitoring student progress is also important, especially as students are working from home. Data found in the progress section will provide insight regarding school, class, or student progress in the learning pathway. More information can be found in the tutorials linked below.

Administrator - Progress Tutorial

Teacher- Progress Tutorial

Progress - Skills Inventory Report

Action Area Tool

Data collected for the Action Area Tool is collected from the embedded formative assessments from the students’ personalized learning pathway to supply actionable insight for teachers and administrators. The Action Areas Tool identifies students in need of additional support, groups them by skill, and provides links to online and offline Imagine Learning activities and printable resources for use in intervention sessions.

Action Areas Tool Tutorial


Playlists are created via the Activity Explorer to extend instruction. Educators can create and assign playlists for whole group instruction, small group instruction, or to individualize instruction.

When to purposefully assign a playlist.

  • Front load or preview vocabulary.
  • Learn and practice new skills.
  • Review previously learned skills.
  • Practice skills that students did not master.
  • Enrichment activities for advanced students.

Things to keep in mind when creating/assigning a playlist.

  • Assigned playlist will become available for students during their next session.
  • Will district prescribed learning pathway assigned by Imagine Learning.
  • Usage data is recorded.
  • Scoring data is not displayed in reports.
  • Recording and written responses will be available in the portfolio.
  • Students may be assigned one playlist at a time.

For additional information on Playlists for remediation or extending instruction, we recommend that you watch the tutorial videos below. Click tutorial title to view.


Playlist - Action Areas Tool


Student audio recordings and constructed writing responses can be reviewed online or downloaded to share with students and parents. Don’t forget to award Booster Bits for great work! After previewing artifacts, teachers can award student 20, 60, or 100 Booster Bits for a single assignment. Students will recieve the awarded Booster Bits the next time they see the Booster Bits reward screen during their session. Teacher awarded Booster Bits are silver.

Portfolio Tutorial

Recorded Webinars

Imagine Language + Literacy 101: Learn the basics of the program. - Getting Started

Portfolio: Review how to listen to reading recordings and view written responses.- Portfolio

Imagine Learning Team

Need Help?

Teachers, students, and families can call, text, chat or email Customer Care or Teacher Care with questions about Imagine Language and Literacy. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to help you find answers from tech specs to resources and report questions.