Parker's Kid Care Services

Babysitting and Tutoring Your Children With a Smile

I Provide the Best Child Care Services in Town!

From playing patty cake with your little ones while you're cleaning to helping your children with multiplication, I know that teaching (or taking care of) kids is very important. So, I guarantee to give your child the best experience. I, Parker Szachta, love (and have a special bond with) children, so it is guaranteed that they'll have a smile on their precious faces.

Red Cross Certified

Parker has successfully completed the 6-hour Red Cross certified course Adventures in Babysitting through Clarkston Community Schools.

Who to Talk to

So, now you may be interested. Maybe you even have a date in mind! If that's true, then here is my contact information.

E-mail (my mother's):

E-mail (my father's):

Address: 7325 Village Park Drive, Clarkston, MI

Home Phone: (248)-625-5966

Parker's Bio

Parker is one of your PAS neighbors. Parker is in 6th grade this year, and he's 11 years old. He has done 2 years of acting class, and has been in 6 plays! He loves children and he can't wait to start babysitting.

An Important Note

Because of Parker's comfort levels and capability levels, kids mustn't be in diapers and must be at least 4 years of age. We only want the best care for your children!