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literally pie!

aleks mission ;

As part of McGraw-Hill Education, ALEKS Corporation has a vision for transforming education by providing the most advanced technology and the highest quality content available in the context of compelling educational experiences. At ALEKS Corporation, our mission is to assist educators and learners in dramatically improving learning outcomes through the delivery of artificially intelligent learning and assessment that continually adapts to the unique needs of each student. ALEKS precisely and comprehensively assesses each student's knowledge, and delivers targeted instruction on the individual topics that each student is most ready to learn.

soooooo, what exactly is ALEKS?

Thursday, Jan. 1st 2015 at 11:45pm-12am

This is an online event.


ALEKS is an adaptive, online learning program that is proven to significantly raise grades, retention, and pass rates at higher education institutions around the world. By providing effective, individualized learning in an open-response environment, ALEKS quickly resolves college-readiness and course mastery issues for millions of students.

Having trouble in ANY math class?

Not a problem kiddo!

ALEKS IS FREE!!!! What? yeah? i just said FREE!!!!

aleks is a excellent program!