Beatrice's Story

Presented by The Dream Team

What is JDM?

JDM stands for Juvenile Dermatomyositis. It is an autoimmune disease that affects the immune system, the muscles, blood vessels, and the skin. The immune system is a group of cells that protects the body from infection. In JDM, the cells actually fight the body's own tissue, causing muscles to shrink and become weak. It also has blood vessel involvement which can be severe. Calcium deposits also occur very often in patients with JDM. In 2014 , Beatrice Trap Tremaine at age 9 was diagnosed with a severe case of JDM. If JDM is not treated immediately it can kill children under 12 years old. JDM patients can't go in the sun because sun can bring back the disease and make it even worse than it already is. Their bodies aren't capable of fighting off the disease since the muscles are under attack. JDM affects 3 in 1 million children each year. There is no known cure for JDM as of now, but there are effective treatments.

What will The Dream Team do for her?

The Dream Team will bring Beatrice to Venice, Italy and have a private, serenaded sunset gondola. The gondola will have a nurse aboard and include a ramp for her wheelchair. She will be transported to Venice in a private jet sponsored by Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Lawrence. She has a great interest in the Hunger Games Series and the Divergent Series. She thinks that she's just going for a special doctor's visit, so she has NO idea about the gondola. We will also treat her in a deluxe hospital room with a hotel feel. Afterwards, she will eat delicacies, like low sodium spaghetti, lasagna, and gelato.

What will she take to Venice?

Since JDM effects the muscles, Beatrice needs to transported by wheelchair and need her medications, like some I.V.s, Prednisone, Cellcept, Methotrexate, and Solumedrol. It is important that Beatrice takes these medicines to reduce the effects of JDM. Also, since her favorite actresses are coming, her mom secretly brought pictures of Shailene Woodley and Jennifer Lawrence for autographs.

Types of Medicines she needs

Since Beatrice has an autoimmune disease, she needs to take special medications.
  • I.V. with medicine for weekly infusions of solumedrol 900 mg each dose

  • Prednisone 10 mg daily

  • Folic Acid 1 mg pills daily

  • Cellcept ( mycophenolate mofetil) liquid 2 times a day 30mg every dose so 600mg every day

  • weekly shots with methotrexate 20mg no folic acid on shot days They are all poisons to shut down immune system so the immune system doesn't attack the muscles.

Beatrice's Sunset Gondola Destinations

Who will she meet in Venice?

Wait a minute, who wrote this?

Well, it's of course made by the best people EVER:

Emma S, Emma J, Brianna D, and Jessica M!

Pros and Cons

  • Beautiful sight

  • FUN

  • It will take away stress

  • Really exciting

  • Clear her mind

  • Can learn their culture

  • Can't have a lot of Italian food

  • Can't be in the sun (she could die)

  • Has to stay inside from the sun

  • Not very mobile