New Year's Traditions

Fahad Nadeem


Football is a huge tradition on New Year's Eve. Out of our survey on 8th graders 75% watch football on New Year's Eve. Considering that 45% of people watch football America on New Year's Eve. I learned that more people worldwide would watch more football if it was their favorite team or they were less busy.

Watching The Ball Drop

Watching the ball drop in New York is really fun or even watching it from your TV. Out of our 8th graders 67% watch the ball drop on TV or New York. Considering that to America is 70%. I think if more people were less busy they would watch it more.


Parties on New Year's Eve plays a big role in America. Out of our survey on 8th graders 61% attend or host a party. Considering that to America 25% attend or host a party. I think that more people had free time and didn't travel to watch the ball drop they would have more parties.

Staying Up

Staying up basically to me is one of the most fun parts of New Year's. Out of our 8th grade survey 42% stay up till midnight. Considering that to America 78% percent stay up till midnight. I think that more people will stay up if they watch the ball drop which is at midnight so people will have to stay up.

Celebrating It

Celebrating the New Year is very fun and exciting. Out of our 8th grade survey 19% celebrate the New Year's. Considering that to America 48% celebrate it. That is a huge difference and I think that if 8th graders would stay up longer or have more interest in it those numbers would go up.