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November 2022

Issue 2

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Highlight on Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

To sign up for these and other opportunities for Professional Development please visit our website.

Instructional Coaching

Big picture

Everyone Needs a Coach

Check out this video of Atul Gawande to learn the power of coaching.
TED Why Everyone Needs a Coach OCTM

Content & Pedagogy

Power of the Jigsaw in the Classroom

The jigsaw method has an effect size of 1.20, which means that if it's done correctly and regularly, students will grow three years in the space of that one year. That's powerful! To learn more about how to implement the Jigsaw Protocol in your classroom check out the video below and directions on Teacher Toolkit website.
Teacher Toolkit: Jigsaw

Looking to Spruce up your Math Discussion- TRY NUMBER TALKS!

A Number Talk is a 10 to 15 minute whole group mental math activity where students find the answer to a math problem in their heads, then share aloud the strategies they used to find that answer.
Number Talk Session 1

Arts & Education Coordinator

It's a pleasure to introduce to you Ms. Heather McCutcheon as our new Coordinator of Arts in Education Programming. Heather is a wonderful addition to our team at BOCES, and we are delighted she is joining us. She is extremely passionate about the arts in education and, without a doubt, will do a fantastic job coordinating aidable arts and enrichment opportunities for each of your districts. Click the video below to see Heather's introduction.