Salt in the wound?

What is it?

In 2007 the state government announced plans to develope a desalination plant on Victorias South-East coast near Wanthaggi. The federal government approved of this project and is and is due for completion on march 20 2011.

Facts on the situation:

In 2007 the plan to develope a desalination plant on Victorias South-East Coast near Wanthaggi came allong. This development is estimated to cost more than $3 billion and should generate 150 billion litres of additional water each year. Critics say desalination is not the answere to victorias water problems and should be considered only as a last resort.

Benefits of the situation:

A few community benefits include:

1) allot more jobs are up for grabs

2) There will be road upgrades in the Wanthaggi area

3)Reconstruction on car parks and build more roundabouts

4) The towns main water supply will continue to be the Lance Creek storage system and

5) Fibre Optic cable will be installed with the power supply

Possible enviroment concerns:

Some concerns over the desalination plant include:

1) To much money being spent, so just to expensive

2) Should have been considered as a last resort

3) More sustainability alternatives were not fully explored

4)Some are concerned about the affects of chemical and salt discharge on marine life and wetlands

How an economic decision like this would be made:

An economic decision like this is made by public hearings. A directions hearing was held on 8th of October 2008 at the cardinia Cultural centre in Pakanham.