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TIP 411

Tip411 is a new tool to enhance student safety. It is an internet-based communication system that gives students or any concerned citizen a means to quickly and anonymously report threats, potential self-harm, concerns, suspicious or criminal behavior at school or beyond school hours regarding PISD schools, students and/or staff.

When you submit a tip through any of the options below, it is sent to a 3rd party tip service acting as a privacy buffer between you and the Prosper ISD Police Department to preserve your identity and contact information. If you have a tip for the Prosper ISD Police Department please use any of the options below to help provide important information on crimes or criminals that will help us to keep Prosper ISD safe for everyone.

Tip submissions may not be received until the following day. In case of emergency dial 911.

Click here to submit a report.

Safety Patrol

Monday, Sep. 20th, 7am

Reeves Elementary

Safety patrol Team 3 will assist with arrival this week!

National Suicide Prevention Month

There can be overt signs of a potential suicide, such as when a student talks about wanting to die, threatens to kill or hurt themselves or is seeking access to lethal means. However, there are often subtle signs as well and, sadly, sometimes none at all.

Warning signs a student may need immediate assistance include:

  1. Expressing feelings of hopelessness
  2. Isolating or withdrawing from others
  3. Dramatic mood changes
  4. Giving away prized possessions
  5. Sleeping all the time or too little

  1. Increased use of substances
  2. Appearing anxious or agitated
  3. Rage, anger or revenge seeking
  4. Feeling trapped

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Need Assistance?

If you are in need of free or reduced breakfast/lunch at school, you will need to fill out this application with food services. The process will take 15-30 minutes, and the applications are generally approved within 10 business days.

Click here for the application.

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Please use the form below to share your appreciation for any of our Reeve's staff members. Complete the questions below, and your appreciation will be posted in the next Counselor's Corner!

Classroom Guidance

During the first week of school, I had the chance to visit each classroom to introduce myself to our students and let them know my role at our school. It is important to me that they feel comfortable coming to me with any concerns, problems, or celebrations!

Our first Guidance lesson will be focused on Self Management, the ability to successfully regulate your emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. While every student will learn about this specific topic, the lessons will be tailored to the needs of each grade level.

August 23 - 27: 5th Grade

August 30 - September 2: 4th Grade

September 7 - 10: 3rd Grade

September 13 - 17: 2nd Grade

September 20 - 24: 1st Grade/Kinder

September 27 - October 1: Preschool



Students have a positive self-concept

-Students will develop self-regulation skills


Students behave appropriately to the situation and environment

-Students will behave in a responsible manner