September 19- September 23, 2016

It's Been a Wonderful Woodchuck Week!!

Our first full week and things are starting to settle back into the routines we are used to around Woodstock! I hope you have been sharing the WW Way notes that I have been leaving during learning walks around the building this week. It is hard to put into words the excitement and engagement Allison and I have witnessed this week!!

PLCs are meeting, and we are looking forward to our new PLC room 22 opening soon! Students are demonstrating The Woodstock Way, and they are thrilled to hear the words, "Chuck Bucks." Teachers have finished up their positive phone calls and are continuing to cultivate relationships with students and their families. The JOY and EXCITEMENT for learning each day is alive in our hallways!! Let's keep this momentum going!!

Next week, we will be finalizing plans for the October 4th Open House event. This will be your opportunity to showcase "A Day in the Life" of your classroom. Think of ways your students can be a part of this presentation to their parents. Their voice should be the STAR of the show as they will be invited, too. During that evening, I imagine students showing their parents how to access CLEVER, use Google Docs, and talk about the Woodstock Way. More information will be forthcoming, but I do want you & your students to get your collective juices flowing on how to present the learning environment that symbolizes, "Everyday Student, Every Day." This is a new take on "an old-fashioned Open House." It will be more of a SHOWCASE of learning and resources!! If you have ideas that you think we should share, please send them my way!!

Finally, THANK YOU for being such an AMAZING group of professionals. THANK YOU for giving 110% of yourself to your students. Allison and I are so fortunate to work with you all!!

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What's Happening at Woodstock?? "Week B"

Monday, 9/19- Happy Monday!! Tweet out your celebrations #CelebrateMonday

Grade 3 LA PLC (New teachers meet with Amy)

Tuesday, 9/20 – SPED Team Mtg. 3:30 p.m.

Grade 4 LA PLC 9:30 (New teachers meet with Amy)

Grade 2 Grade Level PLC

Grade 1 Grade Level PLC

Wednesday, 9/21 – Mrs. Hedrick OOTB (out of the building) AM

Strings - grade 5

Grade 4 & 5 Math PLCs

Grade 3 Grade Level PLC

VBRC Administrator's Tea 4pm

Thursday, 9/22- SEC Mtgs in conference room

Math PLCs Grades 1, 2 & 3

EDK Open House 9am room 21

Friday, 9/23 – Ms. Dickens OOTB for VAAP training AM

Strings - grade 5

PTA Pizza Bingo 6:00

Celebrating Laura White at Regent's "Teacher of the Year" Salute

Internal Lockdown Drill (Time TBD)

Looking Ahead..."Week A"

Monday, 9/26 – Ms. Dickens OOTB All Day for Talent Ed training

PAC meeting 3:15pm- 4:15pm (learning commons)

Tuesday, 9/27 – Ms. Dickens OOTB All Day

Wednesday , 9/28-Site based PL-Inclusive Practices for Specially designed

Instructions with Wilma White during PE times

Extended Evacuation Drill (Time TBD)

Thursday, 9/29- Ms. Dickens OOTB 8:30-1:00

CHKD on Tour, Grade 1, 8:30-11:00

Friday, 9/30- Benefits Training due

MTSS B -- BOFs and BUCKS!!

You guys are an amazing staff! Our new Chuck Buck incentive program is starting off with tremendous momentum and enthusiasm. Our students are so excited about them, and I can’t tell you how many students stop to tell me how much they have saved so far. If you have already had a Chuck Buck day, please send me a quick little email to let me know how it went. I would love to hear how excited your students were and what incentives they seemed the most excited about.

We have uploaded all of the PBIS documents onto google drive. You will find an electronic copy of the new BOF form. Please feel it out as needed and turn it in to Rosalee on Fridays. After she puts them into the system, she will return them back to you. You will also find a copy of the chuck buck incentive table so you can edit that to fit your classroom.

Our photo recognition board is up and ready in the cafeteria. If your students chose this option to buy, please email me their pic and I’ll print it out and put it up. Please remember to sign off on your passports once you have taught the expectations for each of the locations on our school matrix. Your passports should be completed by September 23rd. If you have lost your passport, please print one from the PBIS folder on google drive and post it outside of your door. This serves as a fidelity piece for us during our learning walks with the staff from MTSS-B. Thank you for all your hard work!!

Laura W


Zach Bucholz is moving on up!! He has recently been appointed Administrative Assistant at Kempsville Middle School. Lucky for him, he will get to hang out with the former Woodchucks. We will miss his humor and enthusiasm. He has definitely left his mark here as our MTSS B coach. "From the D to the A to the T to the A" will always ring in our heads during our DATA PLCs. Thank you, Zach!! We will miss you!! "Once a Woodchuck, Always a Woodchuck!"

Nora Goulding will be taking over Zach's position full-time. Nora has been Corporate Landing's coach since the beginning of the MTSS B study, and we are excited to have her join the Woodstock Team.

New Faces!

Welcome Laura Chavis to the Woodstock Family!! Mrs. Chavis will be working as a teacher assistant with our special education students. Please stop by room 30 to say HELLO!

Daniel McVey started with us around Day 2 as a PE teacher assistant. Danny has quickly acclimated to PE life as he is a soccer coach, too. Welcome, Danny!!

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Kindergarten wants to welcome Ms. Hart and Ms. McMurray. They are a great addition to our team down in purple hall!!

I would like to thank the Woodstock staff for their warm welcome to me! I feel very fortunate to be part of your staff even if for just one day! I'm working with a terrific literacy team & appreciate all they have done to get me started! I look forward to a wonderful year with you! Sue Jocelyn

I feel so welcome at Woodstock. A special thank you to my first grade
team: Sonia Lacewell, Emily Rudiger, Tracey Jernigan, Anita Wesche, and Karen Slater for the warm welcome. It's great to be apart of such a great group and elementary school!
Beth Stone

Huge Shout out to Howard Draper for hand delivering some important information within five minutes of asking! Cherie Brogan

Thank you to Howard Draper and Bianca Harmon for covering my “duty” station at the “dot” Cherie

A big thank you to Mr. McVey, my new PE assistant, for being awesome! You are just as fantastic as Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Flora, and Mr. Brennan. We are excited to have you on our team! Laura White

Kudos to the First Grade Team for supporting each other and working so hard to help the entire grade level get ready for the opening of school. So proud to be part of the new team! Emily

Kudos to all the new staff for being such good sports with our Two Truths and a Lie game to introduce them to WES! Emily

Thanks to the staff who have already joined Staff Welfare. Let’s plan a party! Emily

Thanks to Carolyn Davis for again taking charge of collecting Staff Welfare dues. Emily

Thanks to Darryl Roberts for hustling to get our rugs shampooed before Sneak Peek! Emily

Thanks to Pam Barre and Michelle McDonald on the lightning turn around on laminating! Emily

Thanks to Pam Barre for a great orientation lesson to first grade on how to check out books. My students want to go every day! Emily

Thanks to Miss Omi for keeping Room 1 so clean every day! Emily

Thanks to Marie Storm for being my left hand woman. Cat

Kudos to Ms. Hare for her help with all things electronic. I really appreciate your help. Lorraine

Thanks so much to everyone for making me feel so welcomed and supported over these past few weeks! Special shout out to Heath for just being awesome and always going the extra mile. Thanks! Mike Lewis

Big kudos to Tracy Jernigan for sharing her extra boxes of Kleenex and etc. with The Reading Team.

Michelle M. you are the Laminating Queen! Thank you for all you do for the Reading Team. (and you do a lot!) Denise Maples

News From Staff Welfare

· Thanks to all the staff who have joined Staff Welfare. Our membership now includes more than half of the staff. You may still join. Dues are payable by check (payable to WES, with Staff Welfare in the subject line), or by cash. We are also willing to work out payment plans if desired. Dues are $30 for full time non-classified staff members(teachers and specialists); $15 for Teacher Assistants ,Classified Staff members, 2-Day Itinerants, and ½ day Kindergarten Teachers; $7 for custodians, cafeteria staff, and 1-Day itinerants. Payment may be given to Carolyn Davis.

· Staff Welfare sponsors many activities throughout the school year. Currently the Birthday wreath is circulating for those who have had birthdays recently. Look for the wreath to be hung prominently on your door at or near your special day.

· Secret Pals is coming soon! Information has been sent to all staff about this activity. Interested staff will complete a brief information form about themselves. On Oct. 10, participating staff will meet in Room 1 at 3:15 pm to draw the name of their Secret Pal for the year. These are kept secret throughout the year, with a big reveal gathering in June. Participants need not spend a lot of money to participate. For more information, see Emily Rudiger. Forms should be submitted to Emily Rudiger by Friday, Oct. 7.

· Laura White, our current Teacher of the Year, has graciously donated her TOY parking space in the front of the building to be used by Staff Welfare to treat their members. Each month, beginning in October, the name of a paid Staff Welfare member will be drawn and they will have the privilege of using that parking space for the designated month, Think how nice that will be on those cold, rainy fall and winter days!

· The Staff Welfare committee will be meeting soon to plan more activities. Please help us plan things you will enjoy by providing us feedback and ideas so that we can plan accordingly. Each grade level and department is represented on the committee; however the meetings are open to any and all staff. We welcome all participation and interest!

· SPECIAL REQUEST: Staff Welfare is urgently in need of one or two staff members who would fill a very important role. The committee takes very seriously the need to reach out to staff who are ill, had surgery, been hospitalized, or experienced a death in their family. We send cards and order flowers or plants at these times. We need someone who would be willing to do that for the committee. Staff Welfare funds are used to pay for the cards and flowers. We just need someone who would be willing to write an encouraging note or call the florist from time to time as needed. Please consider volunteering for this. It is a task that could be shared by 2 staff members. See Emily Rudiger (room 1) if you have any questions or would like to help out!!

First week of school stress..


Each day, Melanie puts on her apron and gives out sporks with a big smile!! Along with Sherry, Karen, OT, Barbara, Mr. C., Bill, Denise, Daniel, Cherie, Shelly, and some brave parent volunteers, Melanie is overseeing all of our Woodchucks as they enjoy lunch. I am sure the Cafe Crew can relate to Gerry Brooks' latest video!! Enjoy the chuckle!


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New Email Guidelines from VBCPS or All Employees

The signature on all school division email accounts ( should contain the employee’s name, title, school or department name, main office or direct extension phone number, and a link to the school or school division website. If desired, the electronic signature may also include the employee’s Twitter handle. Below the email signature, the division’s Core Values should be displayed as shown in the example below. The signature on school division email accounts should not include quotes, photos or graphics other than an individual school mascot or the school division’s standard logo.

John Doe Principal

Sunny Elementary School

(757) 648-1111

Twitter: @sosunny

Put Students First • Seek Growth • Be Open to Change • Do Great Work Together • Value Differences