By Cindy 6C

What is the purpose of 'Road Signs'?

Road Signs informs you while your driving if there is any danger, what is the speed limit in that area, what you can't do and even how far the next town/area is. It is safer with road signs as you know what you can't do, for example, if you wanted to turn right, but there was a road sign saying 'NO RIGHT TURN' you know not to turn right. Having that sign there saved you at least more than $50 as you would have gotten fined, that amount of money could have been spent on something better. Road signs are very helpful when it comes to driving on the road.

Different countries have different road signs

Not all countries have the same road sign. Why? Since they live in a different country, the way their law for driving works is different to us. They might not even have stop signs or no left right turns. In USA they have signs with animals on it, that to inform the driver to beware of the animal as it is around that area. One of the signs only let carpools drive on the left lane. They have a sign with two child carrying a bag while walking, this sign is in kinda like a house shape, there is then an arrow pointing towards a school ; this sign means there is a school where ever the arrow is pointing towards. The picture below is a picture of the sign.
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