Georgia O'Keeffe

By: Cali Shanks

Biography and Imact

I am a American Artist (Painter). I was born on November 15, 1887 in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. I studied at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1905 and art students league in New York. I worked briefly as a commercial artist in Chicago in 1912 I was interested in the principles of Oriental Design. I created a distinctive iconography that in includes starling details of plant forms, bleached bones, and landscapes of the New Mexico Desert. Many of my paintings were dramatic, sharp-focus enlargements of botanical detail. In 1916, Alfred Stieglitz a photographer exhibited her abstract drawings. Alfred was the first to show my work to the public in his Gallery 291. Later in 1924 Alfred and I got married. Some notable accomplishments I made were that I had two very popular works- Black Iris (1926), and Oriental Poppies (1928). One thing that I liked about the 1920's was that I had freedom that the war was over and I got to paint. I didn't like Nativism in the 1920's because I think that people have the right to come to America. I think that the most important issue of the 1920's was The Artist Community, because artist were united in their attach on the status quo and social power structure. I think that I impacted the society and culture in the 1920's by bringing a rugged look that was inspired by ancient Spanish architecture, vegetation and desiccated terrain into my paintings. I think that the 1920's legacy should be remembered by all the freedom we had after the war. And how much the Art inspired our culture and was very recognized during this time period.

How do you think you are going to be remembered in 2015?

I think that I will be remembered by my non symbolized paintings, and how I was inspired by the landscape of New Mexico for most of my painting, I simply paint what I see.
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Video Question

At what age did Georgia O'Keeffe decide that she wanted to be a Artist?

Answer to video question:

Georgia O'Keeffe was 10 years old when she decided that she wanted to be a artist.