Relay For Life

American Cancer Society

Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back

At each event,you celebrate what others, and you, have over come. Every event is a time to remember the ones who we have lost to cancer, and everyone who has fought along side those battling cancer. At Relay For Life, we raise money to find a cure. Relay For Life participants walk for 24 hours, raise money, play games, and camp out at the site, in order to fight against cancer.

Our Mission.....

Is to raise awareness for the diseases that have taken the lives of so many, and to raise money for a cure!

What You Can Expect At An Relay Event

  • Opening Ceremony and Survivors Lap
  • Luminaria Ceremony After Sundown
  • Moment Of Silence For Those We Have Lost
  • Games
  • Food
  • A Night Out On The Track! (Spend the night in a tent on the track. But don't forget, your team should have one member on the track at all times!)
  • A Variety Of Shows And Activities On The Second Day
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How Can You Join The Fight?

When you go to, there will be a drop down menu with four tabs at the top. Click the one that says get involved! There you can either donate, sign up for an event, volunteer, or dedicate a luminaria!

Contact Us At:

Relay for Life is a national organization, and there are events happening all over the U.S! For more information, call, click, or follow on Twitter and Facebook!


If camping out over night, bring extra of everything! Even if you don't think you will need it, trust me, you do! Power bricks to charge your phones- you are there for 24 hours, and power outlets are NOT guaranteed! Tents, blankets, sleeping bags, anything medical you may or may not need. Bring anything and everything you think you may want or need! Plus, camping out over night just further shows your support and commitment to help cure cancer. Camping out over night gives you the full effect of the event, and it is truly a magical experience! And its fun! Gather up a team, raise money, and prepare for an experience that brings people closer and allows you to raise money for a great cause!

Don't Forget!

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