The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

By - Nayeli Nunez P.4

About Anne Frank

Anne was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne lived Amsterdam with her family during World War II, there they went into hiding for two years from the Nazi. On Anne’s thirteenth birthday Anne revised a dairy. There she wrote her thought and her feelings. Anne was taken to Auschwitz along with the others. Anne, Margot and her mother were together for couple of months but, then Margot and Anne were taken to Bergen-Belsen. Anne dies there in February 1945, at the age of 15.

Theme Paragraph #1

The theme, for facing hard times is that you must never lose hope this was shown throughout The Diary of Anne Frank. As the Franks and the Van Daans think that they have lost hope and faith they still go on with the Hanukkah celebration. Mr. Frank thanks the lord for every happy season as he says these words. “Praised be Thou, oh Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, that Thou has given us life and sustenance and bought us to this happy season.”(408) Even though everyone in annex were scared of what was going to happen next they still pared together band hope that there will be another happy season maybe even a free one.they thought they lost hope at the last second till Mr.Frank made them realize " Have we lost all faith? All courage? A moment ago we thought that they'd come for us."(408 ) "We were sure it was the end" (408) They faced these hard times but they always stuck together and talked about it. They thought that the were going to be gone and it was there end but they knew they still had to try.

Theme paragraph #2

The theme, we must have courage no matter how hard the obstacles are shown in The Diary of Anne Frank. Anne was having horrible night mares others bigger than some. Only one of them woke up everyone. Anne never knew what to do with her night mares she was scared of them she would wake up crying sometimes. Anne’s mother always knew what to do and say… “Anne its okay… I am here we are safe.” (397) Even though Anne never really accepted her mother Anne’s mother still only hoped the best for Anne and for her to be safe but, little did they know that one day there wouldn’t be any more safety? Everyone that was living in annex still lived with worry that they would get caught living in there that on day all the worries would be gone and they would live. They facing hard time as Mrs. Frank was trying to help Anne but Anne not wanting her. "She wants nothing of me" (399) "She pulled away when I leaned to kiss her" (399) Anne not want her mother is something very hard to face.

What is Anne frank

What I think represent Anne is a diary at age 13 Anne revised a diary. An everytime she could she would write in it, about her about others. It was was like her mini friend she would tell everything to it. She would right things about the Star of David and how they had to wear it. "The yellow Star of David is conscious on all of our clothes" (373) or what everyone was doing. " Margot is in the bedroom at the right studying." (381) she would always tell us what she woul be doing that day