3A: A Week at a Glance

Week ending February 19, 2016

Math: Measuring

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by Owen, Grayson, and Fletcher

This awesome week we did something not expected. We did … measurement! You might think it’s not fun and you think it’s just more homework. But we've got to say it’s really fun! Measurements are the size of things. It's not hard... it will be easy if you practice a lot.

We learned that it's not a good idea to use body parts to measure with because they are all different sizes. For example , we used our feet to walk across our rug, and everyone counted how many steps it took to measure the rug. We got different measurements because we all have different size feet. Some of us said it took 9 feet, and others took 13!

We did a scavenger hunt and measured different things in the classroom and wrote the measurements on a sheet. We even measured our heads with a tape measure!

Measuring is fun!

Valentine Box Measurements

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By: Brady and Dominic

This week 3A worked hard at making boxes and decorating them for the treats that they got at the Valentine’s day party. Before we could start decorating, we had to measure the tops and sides of our shoe boxes. Then we cut out the right size of paper for the different parts of the box. We glued the paper on the box and decorated them with stickers, feathers, fake rose pedals, and more. The kids in 3A loved their boxes, but they loved them even more when all the treats were inside of it!

Valentine's Day Party!

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by Audrey & Gigi

This week was the bomb! We had our Valentine's party. Guess what? We got a lot of sweets. There were 4 stations. They were all fun! The first station was the bow and arrow station. That is when Anna’s mom set up a cardboard lid and carved a heart in it and painted it. We made arrows with hearts on the top and we had to try to shot the arrows through the heart. There was also a craft station. You got a tree and stamped your thumb in red ink and made hearts out of that. The next station was a candy heart stacking station. You have to try to stack as many candy hearts as you can. And the winner was to stack the most candy hearts. Finally, there was the one and only ……………………….FOOD STATION!!! That was my favorite one. Some of the foods were soft pretzels shaped as hearts, cheddar popcorn and MORE!!


Check out the video Mrs. Adams made below.

3A Valentine's Party

Book Fair Fun

Buddy Class in the Computer Lab

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by Mikaela and Maddie

This week, we walked in our class and looked on the board to see what our morning work was. If you don't know what morning work is, it's work we do each morning. Simple! But when we all looked at the board and saw we were going to our buddies, we were ecstatic to finally see them! We haven't seen them in a long time! Mrs. Adams told us that we will be meeting with our buddies in the computer lab. We thought it was weird that we were seeing our buddies in the computer lab!

When we got there, our teachers gave us candy hearts. They told us to sort them by color. After we finished sorting, Mrs. Adams had us log into the computers and find a Smart Notebook called heart graph. We all got into heart graph and saw different color hearts. Of course, we started by adding our names. Then Mrs. Adams gave the directions. There was text at the bottom that said "color". She told us to change it to the actual color of our hearts. After we changed each color, Mrs. Adams told us to drag the colors of our hearts above the text. After that, we changed the font and color of our text. We created a graph of each color, then counted each and found the fraction for each color. It was awesome!

After we were done, before lining up, we got to eat the candy hearts with our buddies. It was so much fun... the sugar definitely got us started for the day! Sadly after we finished the candy hearts, we lined up and had to leave our buddies. We love them!

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Super Science

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by Anna and Maya

This short week in Mrs.Adams' class, the students had a pretty cool science project. We worked with chemicals. We added 6 drops of vinegar from a tiny little bottle to our unknown chemical. Then we observed the wet chemicals and wrote about our observations in our science packet. Some smelled good and some smelled bad. Some looked gross and some looked AWESOME!!!!! When we put vinegar one on of the chemicals, it formed a big bubble and got fizzy. This was all happening in a little paper tray labeled with the color of the unknown chemical. This was a very fun experiment and everyone enjoyed it!

Congratulations Sinjin... Helpful Award Winner!

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Introducing our Star Student... Kat!