New Mexico

Land of Enchantment

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After the Civil War the 47th state was found, New Mexico. It became a state by slowly populating after the Civil War.

New Mexico's Statehood History

New Mexico, the 47th state, found on January 6, 1912 is the state known as "Land of Enchantment". It was found on January 6, 1912 after the Mexican and American War in reference to Mexico. In the Mexican and American War also known as the Civil War New Mexico was not on any side because it wasn't a state yet but, it was found by Juan de Onate on the Rio Grande River and slowly began populating

What are New Mexico's physical features?

New Mexico has a lot of great physical features like its deserts, mountains, lakes, and rivers. Its two major rivers are Pecos River and Rio Grande, and Rio Grande is where New Mexico was found. It also has a lot of lakes like Elephant Butte Lake, Conchas Lake, and Navajo Reservoir, these are New Mexico's amazing and beautiful lakes. There are also mountains such as a rocky mountain named Sangre De Cristo. The last physical feature it has is its sight seeing deserts. The most common deserts it has are Chihuahuan Desert and Sierra Madre Occidental range. These two deserts are the deserts most people visit.

New Mexico's Agriculture

New Mexico has a lot of livestock and agriculture but, the main crop in the state is chili pepper and pinto beans. The state is known for these crops but they do have more livestock than that. They also have meat like ham, beef, and sheep from the animals they raise. New Mexico's pecans are also known as a big agriculture, known as one of the pecan states. They also raise cotton from the plants they grow at their farms and turn that cotton into a use of clothes. Last but not least, they provide corn and dairy products also grown and processed.

The Places of Interest of New Mexico

My state, New Mexico has a lot of places of interest like museums, missions, monuments, and parks. Such as the Museum of New Mexico, San Miguel Mission, White Sands National Monument, Bradbury Science Museum, Carlsbad National Park, and Cerrillos Hills State Park. These places are the famous sites tourist and visitors visit while on vacation or a fun day planed with the family.

New Mexico's State Trivia

  • The state gemstone is turquoise
  • The state dessert is the bizcochito cookie
  • Santa Fe is the highest capital in the U.S.
  • Santa Fe is 7,000 feet above sea level
  • Every October it hosts the worlds largest international hot air balloon festival
  • It holds the world record for the worlds largest enchilada
  • The Rio Grande runs through the whole state
  • The state flower is the Yucca flower
  • The state bird is the Road runner
  • Known as the Land of Enchantment
  • New Mexico was named by the sixteenth century

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