Panther Paws


News & Notes

- We will have two emergency drills the first two weeks of school. We'll do a fire drill on Tuesday, August 2 and a severe weather drill on Tuesday, August, 9.

- If you have any dates for the Google calendar - especially extra-curricular events, please email the event and date to Benita Palmer. She will put them on the Google Calendar.

- We will have "mini" assemblies M-F of next week for High School students from 9:45-10:05. Ms. Oglesby, Ms. Yates, Ms. Lewis, Mr. Bettinger, and I will each take a day to cover things pertinent to our high school students. High School teachers - please come to the lunchroom with the students and assist with supervision.

- Early leave / tardy reprieve passes were placed in your boxes. Please refer to the faculty handbook for how those work.

- Just a reminder: If you join the Portal Booster Club at the $25 level or higher, I'll give you five jeans passes. Email me if you join. I'll also work with the booster club to keep an updated list.

- If you have any maintenance work orders, please email those to Benita Palmer.


Friday, August 5

- First Friday: Downtown Statesboro 5:30pm

- Football scrimmage at Warren Co. 7:00pm

Friday Funny Paper

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