Are they the real killers?

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The documentary Blackfish achieved its main purpose by exposing the major corporate company sea world as a money hungry business that doesn’t care about the well-being of the animals but also there trainers, as well as showing how they will do anything to protect the image they tried to create for themselves.
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Whales just don't grow on trees and the way that company’s get the whales are saw as inhuman. In the documentary black fish the director found a way of getting in touch with one person that was hired to hunt down the whales and the director was able to bring that firsthand experience to the film and show how even at the time the people working for these company realized the bad that they were really doing.

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The director also found the list of 70 "accident reports" which SeaWorld had kept secret from not only the public but the trainers going into the water with the whales. By finding all of this information that the general public hasn’t seen before it really helps prove the point that SeaWorld is trying to cover up all the bad that has happened.

The last technique that the director used where former SeaWorld employees that were actually in the water with the whales and were with them almost every helped show that they really aren’t the blame for what’s happing and that they truly care about the whales it’s just they are told what to do and that was to keep quiet and do there the end of the film every former worker even said they were ashamed of that they did.


The film black fish made me think about are the whales the real killers or is the company SeaWorld. Because all of this could have been avoided if they never got the whales and if the company wasn’t just in it to make money. Seeing this film really makes you seconded guess yourself when your think of going to SeaWorld which was the main goal of the film.

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