Vietnam War

Vietnam War


A war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam for one country or separate countries sure sounds simple but this war had too much excessive violence. The war started on November 1st, 1955 and ended on April 30th, 1975 with Saigon's surrender. Saigon now is called Ho Chi Minh City but many people still know that city as Saigon.

From the beginning, on 1955, congress chose this time for deaths of Americans due to MAAG by President Harry Truman. "Ho Chi Minh (North Vietnam leader) called for "People's War" on the U.S. to unite North and South Vietnam for communism." But south Vietnam did not believe in communism and tried to break away as it's own country. Intentionally, North Vietnam decided to attack the U.S. and try not to fight South Vietnam. South Vietnam asked to ally with U.S. to protect their country. U.S. agreed to bring military to help South Vietnam against North Vietnam. So North Vietnam felt like they were lacking in economics and cartilage against South Vietnam which lead them to ask Soviet states help out with those. The reason South Vietnam surrendered was because American military started leaving on 1973 which made South Vietnam not have enough troops to fight against North Vietnam. On April 30, 1975, there is no more South Vietnmam nor North Vietnam, it is the one country named Vietnam today.

Connection to Present Day

The Vietnam war is similar to an event not so long ago. The story of the Vietnam war is that the U.S. help with Afghanistan against Taliban. South Vietnam and Afghanistan wanted to protect their own country. For helping out both of these countries, U.S. has troops that has died. The people of U.S. has wanted the troops to return home in both situations.


The Vietnam War was something that you couldn't miss at that time. It influenced the soldiers with lots of pain and misery, building up homesick feelings. The foreign soldiers in Vietnam created music and brought music to Vietnam that reminded them of home. After the war, the economy of South Vietnam was in bad shape. The bombs of the war had destroyed a lot of families houses and causing lots of death in Southern Vietnam. This does relate to the impact for future by not giving Vietnam freedom. The society hasn't gotten any better.

Five Extra Facts

-In late 60s there were 400,000 American troops in Vietnam.

-"Some 500,000 of the 3 million troops who served in Vietnam suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder based on a survey from Veterans Administration."

-Many refugees who fled Vietnam after the war were arriving at many southern countries.

-There were too many refugees fleeing to those countries that they stopped accepting those refugees in.

-Seemed to be the only war America ever lost.


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