The Raft Research

By LaBron Lackey

Before the crash

Robie has never been left alone at all. Now she is away from home staying with her Aunt AJ. Robie lives on midway where their was barely any tv, and internet and no school. Then one night she was hungry and she out for Mcdonalds. After she left mcdonalds a man grabbed her and wouldn't let her go then finally she got lose and she then she went to the apartment. Scared out of her mind she decided to go back home not telling anybody .

In the ocean

The plane had crashed and robie and max were in the ocean on the raft by themselves. She was freaking out and she was scared so she was trying to know about Max and so later on he told her about him. Then Robie founded out their was a hole in the raft so she pushed Max out the raft and tried to fix it. A c-130 passed by and she set off the wrong flare and it passed by. A couple of days later They founded an island which was great for them.

On the island to the end

They founded an island. Later on she founded a suit in the water and Max told her to go get it and she didn't want to. Then she realized he was dead all along when she pushed him off the raft so she went to go get the suit and founded a dead body in it. She wanted to die she had lost everyone. Then a ship founded her. She didn't want to believe it because she had lost hope. She had been missing for 12 days.


-I was never trusted to be alone -Percy jackson sea of monster -Plane crash from terrorist

-Hate to be alone for a long time -The kay -Survivors from crash are getting rescued

-Like to watch movies and netflix -The maze -Drowning

-Also can't live without technology -Outsiders -people get stuff behind their parents back

-Could relate on how she was in the rat -Arrow tv show -Killing other people for survival