Tech Update-November

Tools and Personalized Learning

Hey All!

I wanted to provide a few cools tools for you to use as we move toward personalized learning.

Want to co-teach a personalized lesson together? Let me know. Just send me a date. we'll plan together and come up with something fun!

Try Safari Montage!

Safari Montage has great videos. Each video contains chapters so you can split up the clips. It also creates QR codes which are great for station activities. Have you scene the pre-made courses and quizzes? Try it out and play.
SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository Overview
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Audiobooks are coming

We are being given a grant to order digital audio books. Before completing the order, I wanted to get your input. Please complete the form by listing any reading you would like students to have access to as an audio book.

Students and Teachers will be able to download these onto their phone and tablets through Mackinvia. Keep in mind we are more than happy to order books you would like to listen to for pleasure reading.

Think about those books you might want available on your drive to and from work. Let us know! We want your suggestions and thoughts!

Great PD resources