Mrs. Edelmon's Class News

September 8, 2013


Wow! We had a good and busy week! The children brought home their red Homework Folder on Friday. Inside, you will find a Language Arts and Math activity page to complete. We did a practice homework together in class this week, and I sent it home for you to reference. You will also see a Spelling Choice Menu in the plastic sleeve attached to the left hand side of the folder. This menu provides activities for you to practice the spelling word families and sight words introduced in class. The word families and sight words for each week can be found at the bottom of the Language Arts homework page. The word families and sight words can also be found on my website. Remember you can access my website by the address on my business card or through our school site at The red folder is due back in class by Thursday after the homework has been completed.

Thank you so much for those of you who have already signed up to help out with parties, activities, and helping at home. Our class is still in need of a Birthday Celebration Coordinator. This volunteer opportunity requires someone to sign up a parent/guardian to send in cookies for our monthly celebrations. I will give you the list of student birthdays, so you know who can be contacted for that particular month. For the months that we do not have any birthdays ( November and December for this year), we normally have someone from another month where we have more than one student birthday send in cookies. Past birthday coordinators have done all their communication through emails. I am happy to assist anyone who volunteers for this opportunity. Just let me know if you are interested.

Reader's Workshop

In Reader's Workshop this week, we will learn how to take care books, how to pick "just right" books, and begin to build stamina in reading. The children will brainstorm ideas and create anchor charts to hang in the room for reference. The children have chosen spots in the classroom as their reading spot. We will begin reading for short periods of time and gradually increase that time or stamina for independent reading.

Writer's Workshop

In Writer's Workshop, we will focus on writing complete thought sentences including a noun, verb, capital letter at the beginning, and a punctuation mark at the end of the sentence. The children are also getting used to spelling words on their own by "turtle talking" the word - saying the word very slowly and writing down all the sounds they hear in the word. As they begin to write stories, I am using texts to show how the author has written a story with pictures to go along with the story. They have a lot of good ideas to write about!


Math skills being practiced this week include repetitive patterning, real-object picture graphs, and place value. The children really enjoyed Eat Your Math last Friday when we used M & Ms for a sorting and graphing activity. For our math fluency, we are working on Before and After a Number and Circling the Number on a 10 frame mat. Practicing basic math facts at home by rolling a die twice or using a deck of cards is a great way improve fluency on these addition and subtraction facts.

Science / Social Studies

We began working on a Safety and Citizenship lap book last week. We will finish this lap book this week and begin our Science Unit on " What is a scientist?" and "What do scientists do?"


***September 11 - Wear Red, White, and Blue in honor of Patriot's Day

***Send in a picture of your family for our "Friends and Family" bulletin board in our