Safe Haven

Nicholas Sparks

Nichols Sparks

Nicholas Sparks has written many other popular books, That have also been made into movies such as The NoteBook, A Walk To Remember, The Lucky one, The Last song, and Dear John. His First book which was published 1996 and kept writing more and more books as the years went on. Sparks does not only write a lot of love stories but also is a Track coach of New Bern HIgh School ANd Track Eastern Carolina, A local club and donated nearly $900,000 toward a State-Of-The-Art Track and has made a huge difference in the team.

Main Characters

Katie: Katie is the main character

Alex: Is the store owner and is a caring father of two children

Jo: Is Katie's very nice neighbor that ends up becoming katie's friend and helps her out.


Katie, a mysterious girl, had been traveling for a while. She didn't exactly know where she was going and she ends up in a small friendly town called Southport, North Carolina. She found a job very quickly, bought a house, and met her first friend Jo , her neighbor. Katie discovers a small store and meets Alex and his kids. As the days go on Alex Katie and the kids start to hanging out and Katie starts to fall in love with Alex, and Alex is also falling for her. She finally happy, Everything is going better than she expected it to be,she believes she has finally found her safe haven, but at the same time she doesn't want to fall in love with Alex. She knows that if she gets too close to Alex she has to tell Alex her secret, The Real reason she ended up in SouthPort.


Safe Haven is a love story that mostly girls would be interested in. Safe haven is can also be for readers looking for a plot twist.
I enjoyed reading Safe Haven because it wasn't your typical love story. There was a huge Plot twist nothing like i expected and the book kept me interested the whole time. I really recommend to anyone but specially girls.