The Japanese Internment Camps

The Not so Comfortable Truth

The Reality #2

A lot of kids were not keeping busy and were quite bored. Also The schools were not built for a long time after the Japenese had already moved in meaning the kids were already behind with thier learning. This picture would be a threat to the government. The kids look like they are longing for home and are not enjoying themselves.

The Dream #3

Not only did the government want americans thinking the kids were enjoying themselfs, they also wanted them to think the parents were too. Americans were told that the adults were being productive and having fun from time to time. Picutures like this would support that idea. The government would be totally comfortable sharing this photo with a curious american. The adults playing differeent instraments look like they are enjoying themselves.
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Reality #3

By being prodictive the government meant working in feilds. The Japanese had to do hard labor during hot summer days as shown here. The sun is direct and the feilds look as though they go on forever. Working a long day here would leave you thirsty and weak. They were also not allowed to work with the vehicles. This photo captures the americans cleaning up after a day of work from the Japenese.
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