The US Justice System

Belem Gonzalez


History of the Courts

The US Justice system begins during the colonial times when the colonies were under the British rule. At the end of the 17th century William Penn began to promote the reform in the Criminal Justice System and helped with changes. After the American Revolution ended, the crated the US Constitution which gave rights and freedom to the colonial population. This started to give guidelines for crimes, and punishments to protect innocents rights.

History of Police

In the begining of policing in the US they didnt realy have professionals instead they were informal and communal. Most of them were just volounters from their community who would look out. Most of thoose volounters failed and were payed poorly. Later they fixed their mistakes and made it better with professionals. Many cities followed their ideas and now they have their own police organisations.

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Acient China

Law enforcement originated from Acient China by prefects, but had limited authority and employment period.

Middle ages

Punishment could be payed off but thoose who coudnt had harsh punishments.


Police Departments
Their main responsibility is to enforce law, maintain order,and to provide service.

Their responsibility is to seek the truth and to dole out justice to citizens tha have been victims of crime.

This includes probation, parole, jail, prison, and a variety of new community‐based sanctions

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The lesgistature branch

State and federal define crimes, fix sentences, and provide funding for the criminal justice agencies.

The executive branch

It is given to the president, govenors and mayors and have the power to appoint judges and heads of agencies.

The judiciary branch

Trial courts adjudicate the guilt to the person charged.