Steve Jobs; The Apple Corporation

Alex and Jessica


Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California on February 24, 1955. He was very intelligent but was wasn't quite sure what he wanted to do, so experimented for a while before starting Apple in 1976 at age 21. Apple's extraordinary products, including the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, are now extremely popular products in the United States. He died in 2011, after battling pancreatic cancer, but his legacy will live on, along with the extraordinary inventions that came with it.
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Why is this one of the top ten best inventions? The Significance of Apple products

Steve jobs's invention of the Apple products changed society in many different ways. For example, schools and businesses have now adopted to the use of iPads and other products to help with education. They are also very convenient because of their small size, almost like a mini computer in your pocket. Almost immediately after Apple comes out with a new product, other technology competitors rush to produce comparable products. And even with the recent death of the man who started it all, Apple will continue to invent new products and strive in this new modern technology.
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