My Second Family

My Awesome Extra Curricular Activity

My Super Cool Community

I love to act, sing, and dance. They are probably my most favorite things to do in the world. But I didn't know what I was supposed to do these things. So when I heard about a community play, I decided to try it.

At my very first audition, I cried. Hard. I was scared. I was a 6 year old singing alone in front of strangers. I'm sure you would've done the same thing. But I went back a different day, and I nailed it. And it turns out I got in! I was ecstatic!

What makes GREAT Theatere awesome is the love and hard work people put into it. For example, actors spend up to 17 hours rehearsing. Voulenteers work hard on costumes and set pieces. And they all do it out of love. Nobody gets paid. We all do it because we want to. That's why I love GREAT Theatere.

Why is GREAT so important to me?

GREAT is a huge part of my life. It has boosted my confidence, and it could do the same to yours. That's why people might want to join my community. To boost their confidence and become a stronger individual.

My community is not like other communities. We don't have a great big meal together or play a sport. Instead, we act, sing, dance, and laugh together. We build strong relationships with each other. We become a family.

GREAT us really important to me because without it, I would probably not be as good as a singer, not be able to dance, and be a shy person alone in the corner. But thanks to GREAT, my self esteem has reached the sky, and I'm not afraid of everyone anymore. Thanks a lot GREAT!