Political Development of

Imperial China

Confucius & Confucianism

History of the Song Dynasty

Historians divide Chinese history into periods ruled by dynasties, or ruling ruling families.

Politics of the Song Dynasty


The Song dynasty relied on many civil service exams and opened them up to far more candidates. The exams were influenced by a new school of thought known as neo-Confucianism. This new teaching blended the teachings of Confucius with elements of Buddhism and daaism. Confucius taught that people must act properly in five relationships: Ruler and Subject, Father and Son, Older Siblings and Younger Siblings, Husband and Wife, Friend and Friend. In 1190 Zhu Xi works were published as the Four Books, this work became the basis of study for all civil service exams. Only a Small proportion of candidates passed the exams. Meritocracy was created when the civil service exam opened up to far move candidates. The meritocracy was created by the Song empires. Meritocracy was created in China. The meritocracy was based on merit. It was created between ( 960-1297 A.D. )
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Civil Service Exam

The Song Dynasty relied on the Civil Service Exam. The Four Books is how they studied for the exam. If they passed a local test they could then take the exam in the capital which they would write essays and poems in specific style. Also there was questions about political and social problems based on Confucian ideas. The exam prevented cheating by locking up the test takers in a small room for several days, The second person copied each paper so that the examiners wouldn't know whose work they were reading. Not many people passed the exam, those who failed could retake again in the future, and those who passed had to wait a few years for their appointment.

Technological Advances

Polymaths: Shen Kuo and Su Song made early imperial science and technology.

Shen is most known for being interested in geology.n Powders lead to early types of bombs ,cannons, rockets

Compasses were a very big thing most compasses didn't have a cover so it got destroyed and then the Songs came up with a idea to cover so when they are in the water it doesn't break and they can use wherever they are.

Influences of Confucianism

The Song dynasty created a meritocracy. The exams were influenced by a new school of thought known as neo - Confucianism. Teachings blended of Buddhism and Daaism. ( Traditional religions in China ). It taught that people must act properly in five important relations. The exam influenced lower classes to take because you could attend a university or college. The questions on the exam were political and social problems based on Confucian ideas. After three years you could move up in rank. Confucianism is the way of life. It also extended to Korea and Japan also Vietnam influencing them to take on Confucianism.
The Confucius Song


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