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6th grade

September 2015

We have had a great start of the year! The sixth graders are in a routine and seem to be enjoying PCMS and all of their classes. They are such a fun group of kids and appear to be enjoying all that a middle school has to offer!

We started off the year with two units: hot air balloons and a book study, Michael Vey. Our book study will be a lot of fun; the students will be expanding their reading and comprehension with Bloom's Taxonomy higher level questions and activities related to the book. The book seems to be a big hit!

We will also start logic and analogies in a couple of weeks. Logic is an excellent opportunity for each of us to boost brain activity, enhance memory and processing speed, improve concentration, and logic provides emotional satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

"It's not that I's so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer. " Albert Einstein

Carol Dweck has written a book that is an excellent read for parents of gifted children. She addresses the importance of developing a growth mindset. It is not just our abilities and talents that bring us success. I have also attached an article on this topic; why praising our children's intelligence and ability doesn't foster self -esteem and lead to accomplishments.

We have talked about the importance of EFFORT and how we should incorporate this into our academic vocabulary just like we do in sports and extracurricular activities. This is not something that gifted kids have had to practice in elementary school. Effort is a requirement, though, as we start taking more challenging classes.
Click on the title below; it is a link to the article.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!