Family Thanksgiving!

It's a Tamale Tubular Time!

Carson is excited! Are you?

We will be making tamales for our thanksgiving dinner this year. We will be making them the day before Thanksgiving and eating them on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving EVE - Tamale making time!!!

Wednesday, Nov. 25th, 2pm

625 Smoothstone Dr, Plano Texas 75074

We will be making all kinds of tamales!

Thanksgiving DAY!

Thursday, Nov. 26th, 1pm

3625 Smoothstone Dr, plano texas 75074

Time to eat! We will be needing the family to chip in with food other than the tamales. See the checklist below and select what you think you can bring.
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Before 1:00 - Welcome to arrive sooner to cook, etc. Just let me know.

1:00 - 2:00 - Everyone arrives.

2:30 - Eat

3:30 - Dessert and Coffee

4:00 - Lay around and feel fat! Play games, watch TV, Nap...