What's Up at Whitney?

5/20/2016 - the FINAL Weekly Update

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Best of Luck - Grade 5

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Best of Luck Grade 6

Revisions to the Strongsville City Schools Academic Calendars

At Strongsville’s Board of Education meeting earlier this week, the Board approved two revisions to the 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic calendars as detailed below:

  • Beginning in 2016-17, the district will move to a trimester reporting structure in grades K-5, and remain with a quarterly reporting structure in grades 6-12. Preschool reporting will remain consistent with their current structure.

  • Excluding the last day of school, we will have two early release days in each academic calendar with the first Early Release Day in October and the second in March.

Your child's final report card will be posted in PASS on May 27! Please check your PASS account to see your child's grades.


What a memorable school year this has been. Certainly there were challenges. But together we met those challenges and collaborated to provide our students with a quality educational experience.

I thank Mr. Ryba, Mrs. Pelko and Mr. Stacho for giving me the opportunity to help run Whitney Elementary School this year. Thank you, parents, for accepting me and welcoming my participation. Thank you teachers for your cooperation and professionalism. I will never forget this experience! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!

Jeff Martin


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Dates to Remember


  • 20th - Friday - Rockin' at the Rec - Current G5/6/7

  • 27th - Friday - Grades posted in PASS program



  • 19th - Friday - New Teacher Orientation
  • 22nd - Monday - 1st Day for Teachers
  • 23rd - Tuesday - 1st Day for Grades 1-9 & K Orientation
  • 23rd - 26th - T-F - Pre-School Orientation
  • 24th - Wednesday - 1st Day for K & Grades 10-12
  • 29th - Monday - 1st Day for Pre-School