What's Your Wisdom Word?

an intuitive experience with Stacey Beth Shulman MEd ERYT500

I believe in the power of words.

Words heal. Words empower. Words inspire. And the repetition of word(s), called a mantra in Sanskrit, amplifies the energy we want to send out and receive back from the world. Discover your Wisdom Word - a single word mantra that you can use to create change and embrace self-acceptance.

Meet me via Skype or in person for a 30-minute consultation. After some friendly chat, I will use my intuition to suggest a Wisdom Word just for you. Once we uncover your word, I will recommend some simple, yoga-based movements and/or breathing exercises you can do to further embody your Wisdom Word. The session will end with a short guided meditation so you can start working with your Wisdom Word right away. Within 3 weeks you will receive in the mail a whimsical, hand-painted 4 x 6 greeting card with your very own Wisdom Word on the front and a special message inside, suitable for framing. You can place it on your desk, meditation altar, or even on your fridge - wherever you will enjoy looking at it most as a reminder of your own innate divinity.

The cost of a Wisdom Word session is $36, payable in advance. Wisdom Word sessions make great gifts and are powerful sources of personal growth. Some of the auspicious occasions you can use Wisdom Words for include:

  • New Years/Word of the Year
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Solstice and/or Equinox
  • Divorce
  • Starting a new project or creative adventure
  • Any time you are facing a change and want to access your own internal guidance

Want to wear your Wisdom Word close to your heart? For an additional $12, Joan Green of Four Boys Designs will create an original glass and paper pendant just for you, highlighting your personal Wisdom Word.

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Your Fearless Leader

Stacey Beth Shulman, MED E-RYT500 is the Wake Up Fairy for your Soul. Her mission is to help people connect with their own body and spirit through gentle yoga, joyful movement, and other expressive activities, in order to live a richer, more fulfilling life. When she's not on the mat, Stacey enjoys reading, crafting, birdwatching, and, of course, chocolate.