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Investigating the Holocaust: A Collaborative Inquiry Project

In this unit, students explore a variety of resources—texts, images, sounds, photos, and other artifacts—to learn more about the Holocaust. The unit focuses on student-centered inquiry and is self-led. Students explore a range of print and non-print resources through extensive online inquiry activities. Progressing from individual work to a group learning project, the unit culminates in publishing the group’s findings in topic-based newspapers.

Student Objectives:

  • · Students will read a range of Holocaust resources, from different genres and media.
  • · Use a variety of resources to gather and synthesize knowledge about the Holocaust.
  • · Work collaboratively to investigate questions about a specific topic.
  • · Present information orally and in a group newspaper.

  1. Students read “First They Came for the Socialist” by German Lutheran pastor Niemoller and free write, connecting the words “innocent bystander” to the content of the poem.
  2. Students complete K-W-L Chart and then explore the Holocaust Websites to pursue answers to their questions.
  3. Students investigate the Online Holocaust Inquiry page, pursuing their research by completing one or more of the activities listed. (individual assignment with oral presentaion)
  4. Working in small groups consisting of students from the same homeroom, groups will investigate a Holocaust topic in more detail and publish their findings in a focused newspaper. Groups may create a homemade newspaper, using poster or use the online Printing Press. (group)
  5. The free write, K-W-L Chart, individual project, and group newspaper are due on Friday, April 11th.

Click here for the Individual Project Rubric.

Click here for the Group Newspaper Rubric.