Hawaii The 50th State

The Aloha State By Nicholas

When did Hawaii become a state?

The first tribe to land on Hawaii are the Polynesian voyagers who crossed the Pacific Ocean to get to Hawaii. It became a state in 1959 when the voyagers and wanted Hawaii to go to statehood. This state was not built by the ice age it was built by volcanic rock formed by the magma when the volcano's erupted and they are still building Hawaii Today as we know it!


Total Population: 1,404,054

How the nickname was choosen

The Aloha State is Hawaii's Nickname,It got this Nickname because of the Hawaiian word Aloha which means Hello, and Welcome.

State Symbols for Hawaii

State Bird Song

This is the Nene Call

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Black Coral

This is the Hawaiis state gemstone.

Most Common Dish is Kuala Pig


4–5 pound pork rear
2 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt
2 tablespoons liquid smoke
1 banana leaf (or substitute 4–5 whole, unpeeled bananas)
4–6 ti leaves (or substitute aluminum foil)

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Pua Aloalo

This is the state Flower for this state.

Main Crop

There main crop is the Hawaiian Pineapple because they have tons of palm trees and at the bottom of them there is sometimes have a pineapple plant nearby.
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State Dance

The State dance is the Hula.
State Symbols

This is where you can see all the most common state symbols of Hawaii.Hope you have fun looking at these extraordinary list of Hawaiian Symbols.

Facts About Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor used to be owned by the US military,navy, and the army ,They used it for a US base Defense but then it got bombed by the Japanese airforce they lost a lot of men and that bombing started world war II. Green Bay, WI is 6274.59 miles (10097.97 kilometers) away from Pearl Harbor, HI

Hawaii Standard Time

Did you know that Hawaii Standard Time is five hours behind the Central Standard Time which is the time in Wisconsin and states in the east middle of our country.
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Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

This is a Major Collage Football Team for the capital Collage Honolulu.
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Honolulu is the state capital for Hawaii but is is not on the island of Hawaii it is on Oahu.

State Flag

This is the State Flag for Hawaii
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State Snack

Hawaii's state snack is the cocoa nut muffin