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Helping you determine what will make you feel more fulfilled your life, by clearing your negative emotions or limiting beliefs of now and decisions from the past. So you can enjoy your life, work and loved ones. Instead of feeling tired and dis-empowered.

Using the latest and results based therapies; Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy. As well as a wealth of knowledge and resources in science and human behaviour, emotional balancing and business.

I am so confident in what I do, and have had such successful results with my clients that I offer a money back guarantee. I am very select about who my clients are, they must be willing and wanting to change now. Please see below for my services, testimonials and contact details to discuss further.

"Profoundly inspirational" - Dr Steve Kirby


I'm so grateful that I found Melissa. Her abundance of knowledge amazes me.
When creating my business I had no idea where to start and she broke it all down for me making it clear and simple.
I love that Melissa doesn't just do the initial work then leave you to figure the rest out. She shows you exactly how it all works so that you can manage everything yourself and is always available for ongoing coaching. I gained more then I imagined working with Melissa and highly recommend her!


I had a session with Mel a few weeks ago for help with making some decisions in my life and increasing my day-to-day productivity. Since seeing her I've started noticing many changes in how I see and do things, I'm a lot more brighter and positive, and definitely less stressed! And Mel's great, she continues to follow up with you on your progress and is always available to you if you need it - I would highly recommend her to anyone :)
Dr. S.Rajapakse

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It's only been a few days since my session and i'm already starting to notice the differences. I'm feeling great in all ways possible. Mel is really fantastic to work with and talk to. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is wanting yo change their life around for the better. Thanks a heap Mel :)
Jarrad Paul