Building Strong Foundations in K-3

May 2022

Teachers, We Appreciate You!

Dear Teachers,

THANK YOU for all that you do! We appreciate your HARD WORK and HEART! We are honored to be your partners in the classroom. We look forward to seeing you at Region 17 soon! Please reach out anytime!

~Region 17 Team


NEW RLA STAAR 2022 Practical Practice Resources Have Been Added!

New resources to support your STAAR Review have been added!




  • STAAR redesign webpage
  • NEW!!! Online samplers of new question types and question types by content and grade level POSTED (1/27/22)
  • TEA is planning to release full-length practice tests in Fall 2022.
  • Learn more about assessments by visiting !


How Tutoring Works

Based on the book by best-selling authors Doug Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Almarode, this session will train tutors to grow motivation and accelerate student learning.

This training is offered on June 30 and will repeat on August 2.

Hacking Questions

ESC-17 is excited to host Connie Hamilton, the author of Hacking Questions, for a workshop on July 14th!

Hacking Questions digs into framing, delivering, and maximizing questions in the classroom to keep students engaged in learning. All attendees will receive a copy of Connie's book.

Known in education circles as the "Questioning Guru," Connie Hamilton shows teachers of all subjects and grades how to:

  • Hear the music: listen for correct answers
  • Scaffold to trigger student thinking without doing it for them
  • Kick the IDK bucket to avoid “I don’t know” as the final answer
  • Punctuate your learning time to end with reflection questions
  • Spin the throttle to fuel students to ask the questions
  • Fill your back pocket with engagement questions
  • Make yourself invisible by establishing student-centered protocols
  • Be a Pinball Wizard and turn students into facilitators
Big picture
K-3 Math Teachers!

The MATHEMATICS ACHIEVEMENT ACADEMIES will help build knowledge and comprehension of effective and systematic instructional practices that support robust mathematics understandings. Through hands-on activities, these academies will strengthen your knowledge of mathematics' concepts and processes, improve overall mathematics instruction, and lead to student success on statewide assessments and post-secondary readiness.

Please Note: This is a 3-day PD. Participants must be present all three days to qualify for the stipend.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Math Academy Will Be Offered Two Times:

2nd Grade Math Academy Will Be Offered Two Times:

3rd Grade Math Academy Will Be Offered One Time:

Lead4ward Workshops for Reading and Math!

Wahoo! We are so excited to have Lead4ward here this summer! Sign up now...these spots will fill up quickly!

  • June 2 Lead4ward Intervention for Literacy (3-High School) Register Here
  • June 13 Lead4ward Intervention for Math (3-High School) Register Here
  • June 23 STAAR4ward for Math from Lead4ward (3-EOC) Register Here

The BEST of the BEST Reading Language Arts Presenters Coming This Summer!!

Y'all! We have some of the BIGGEST NAMES in literacy coming to Region 17 this summer! You have got to catch these experts in the field while they are here! Check it out!

  • June 14 Dr. David Kilpatrick: Equipped for Reading Success Register Here

  • June 16 Melanie Mayer: Meaningful Writing -and Reading-Instruction in an Age of Testing (4-8 RLA) Register Here

  • June 21-22 Antonio Fierro: Instructing the Emerging Bilingual Register Here

Come Learn from The Math Coach, Donna Boucher!

Donna Boucher is one of the most engaging and creative experts in the field of elementary math! You will not want to miss this one! She has a very helpful website called The Math Coach's Corner with so many great ideas for incorporating hands on learning.
  • June 15 Donna Boucher from The Math Coach's Corner (K-5 Math) Register Here

New STAAR Item Types Workshop

Come learn more about the NEW STAAR ITEM TYPES!

This session will be offered two times:

Creating a Language Rich Classroom

This session is for teachers of all content areas: RLA, Math, Science, Social Studies. Learn more ways to incorporate reading, writing, thinking, listening, and speaking into your instructional routines!

K-3 Science and Literacy Workshop!

K-3 teachers...Would you like to learn more about how to combine reading, writing, and science skills? This workshop is for you!

Come explore a variety of strategies for connecting science and literacy!

K-3 Math Planning for the First Six Weeks

In this session, K-3 math teachers will learn about best practice math routines to implement at the beginning of the year. They will also have an opportunity to begin planning out the first six weeks of math instruction.

Thinking Maps: Two Day Training

Teachers will learn several maps that students can use to make their thinking visual.

Important Session Information:

Teachers are required to have official Thinking Maps training binders for this two day face to face training. The charge for this training covers the cost of each binder of materials.

TEKS Resource System Workshop

In this session, teachers of all content areas will learn more about utilizing TEKS Resource System. We will begin with general session, followed by content specific sessions.


FREE QR Code Read Aloud Resources!

Check out these great QR Code Read Aloud resources. These would be great for listening stations and more!

NEW Heart Word Magic Sight Word Animations Available

Really Great Reading has created 8 NEW HEART WORD MAGIC ANIMATIONS!

Check it out here!

FREE Summer Support Phonemic Awareness Lessons from Heggerty!

Register here to receive 6 weeks of FREE summer support phonemic awareness lessons from Heggerty!

FREE Summer School Lessons from Really Great Reading

Click here to find summer school lessons based on the Science of Teaching Reading from Really Great Reading!

Your Region 17 Team is Here For You!