Guide To Bunburying

A Step-by-Step Guide To Bunburying and How To Survive

What Is Bunburying?

Bunburying is the act of pretending to be someone else. Its when you want to escape your life and want to be in a different one. You dress and act like that person.

Why You Would Want To Bunbury.

First of all, to Bunbury you need to know why you want to Bunbury. Deciding to Bunbury someones life takes a lot of guts. Why you would want to Bunbury would be to get revenge on someone. If someone treated you badly in the past, you could jump into their shoes and mess their life up. You could also Bunbury if you wanted to be someone. If you have an idol or a person you admire, you could act as them. You could dress like them and eat like them.

Steps You Need To Take To Become A Bunburyist

Possible Problems

When Bunburying you can run into multiple problems. One problem could be that you get caught. Someone figures out that you are not truly who they thought you were. Another problem could be that you tell the world your secret. That one day you open your mouth accidentally and tell somebody your secret. Then everybody would find out and then the trouble begins. The last problem would be that you cant fully be that person. You can't really find the clothes to dress like that person or you don't have all the information you need to fulfill the character.

How To Prevent These Problems

To prevent these problems would be tough. For the first problem you would need to not tell anybody your secret. You would need to make sure that you live a long way away from that person. You would need to do that so your lives don't intertwine. For the second problem you would need to practice and make sure you don't open your mouth and tell everybody. That is very important because it decides whether or not you were truly ready to take on this task. For the third problem, you would need to really prepare yourselves for this task. Do not start the task until you have confidence in yourself. If you don't think that you can make it all the way and to reach your goal, then don't take the risk and fail.
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