The Glass Castle Real World Issues

Allison Pericles

Mental Illness

"A mental health condition isn't the result of one event." I think that this could explain Jeannette's inability to trust. Since she trusted so many people when she was litle and they let her down, she is no longer able to trust people like she used to. She stayed loyal and trusting to her father for a long time even though he broke so many promises that he had made to her. It takes someone close to you, like a best friend or a family member breaking several promises to you that breaks your trust.


I feel as though Rex is a very good example of civil disobedience. he doesn't really follow other people's rule, he kind of makes up his own. He has his own beliefs and his own ways of parenting. He also seems to disregard other people. I think he is selfish and irresponsible.


"Living with an alcoholic is a family affair." this relates to Rex's alcoholism because it not only affects him, it affects his entire family greatly. Rex cannot control himself around alcohol. He wastes money on it, money that can be used for better things, money that can be use to support his family.


I think the HEARTH Act from the article could help Jeannette's family greatly. I think that they could've had better chances to escape the hole that the dug themselves into. They would've gotten more benefits and been able to support themselves, and they could have better lives.


I do think Jeannette's parents should've lost their parental rights. I feel like they've neglected and abused their children, and because of that, they should not be allowed to take care of their children anymore. They've provided their children with an unstable environment. Rex is an alcoholic and Rose Mary is unhealthily selfish. I think the children would do much better in foster care.


I do not think Jeannette's parents exhibited educational neglect. Even though their dad taught them for the first few years of their lives, he still gave them a good education. Besides, they still ended up going to public schools for most of their childhoods. Also, they all went to college and got jobs. so they obviously weren't educationally deprived.