Inventions in 1920's

Snow Machine - 1922

The creator, Joseph Armand Bombardier, was very interested engineering and mechanics from a young age. He was born in Quebec in 1907 and was the eldest of 8 children. His first snow machine consisted of a car engine mounted on a sleigh and a wooden propeller. In 1929, he designed his first snow car out of a model T Ford. Unfortunately in 1934, they had a 2 year old son that had appendicitis and they were not able to help him since Joseph used his car for build his first snow car. This tragedy inspired him even more to further develop and improve his inventions.

Wire Photo - 1922

William Samuel Stephenson was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and was always fascinated by flights and airplanes. There was a lack of interest in popular broadcasting, so with radio communication, William wanted to find a way to transmit photos over the air. and so he created the wire photo. What the wire photo essentially does is it transmit photographs over telephone wires using electrical signals.

Battery-less Radio/AC Tube - 1925

This invention was created by Edward (Ted) Samuel Rogers. He created an alternating-current radio tube in 1925. This allowed the radio to be run off house electricity sockets rather than large batteries. Him and his father founded the Rogers Majestic Manufacturing Company. Rogers Communications is still a Canadian icon in the telecommunications industry to this day.