A Christmas Carol

Flyer made by Kimberly

In A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, this classic book teaches a lesson, as the story progresses, and here's why you should see the play, which is like the book. First, the actors make very good impressions, of the characters in the book. Such as the actor for Scrooge, who can be a grumpy old man, and then, a kind and giving person, and Mary Weather, who wasn't in the original book, but, she added a sense of humor into the play. Second, the sound effects have a very nice touch, such as the ghost encounter with the Christmas Ghost of the Past, which had loud sound effects, that went well. The music also changed depending on the scene, such as, in a happy scene, the music was light and airy, and in a sad scene, the music was heavy and depressing. Last, the light were also a good touch, in the scenes, like in a happy scene, the lights were yellowish orange, where in sad and normal scenes, the lights were white and blue. In conclusion, these are some of the reasons to see the play.
What Scrooge had to sacrifice was his wealth, in order to give money to the poor, to change his fate. What I had to sacrifice, is my time on games for homework