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November 2019

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Art News

Both the 2D and 3D high school art classes are investigating creative art making values through lessons inspired by the Waldorf School education. The liberal use of color that infuses all aspects of Waldorf Education is not only delightful, it’s deliberate. Color, form, and technique converge to create a visual animation: a real feeling from life, which is then meant to deduce collaborative and individual meaning from the art viewing experience.

The 2D students have been investigating color and the spatial architecture of landscapes with chalk pastels, leading them into similar values within the art historical studies of French Impressionism. More to come on how these students will be impressing their visual responses onto paper while perceiving local imagery of Wilton, NH!

After viewing artwork by contemporary fiber artists who work with felt, the 3D students have been sculpting with beeswax and wool felt to create both representational and abstract tiny sculptures. These 'wee folk art' will be used for the students' own small puppetry-style storytelling on a 'Waldorf style' nature table that includes raw natural artifacts locally found and imaginatively utilized as props in their miniature set designs.

Artistic endeavors sharpen two very important human skills: the ability to shape, or see, and the ability to perceive, or distinguish. The WLC art program values these foundations in traditional art making which empower the young artist in creative problem solving across curricula of other academics.

Middle School Warrior Lunch Bunch

What is better than lunch time? How about having lunch in the Family & Consumer Science classroom! Every Tuesday, 20-25 middle school students in grades 6-8 gather to game and converse as they lunch. We already have regulars and new students are invited to attend each week. We love providing new opportunities for our students!
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Middle School Peer Leaders Attend the 2019 CAST Youth Summit

On October 16th eight peer leader members from the middle school joined three other local schools (Amherst, Milford, and Hollis Brookline) at the Boys and Girls Club of Souhegan Valley to take part in the 2019 CAST Youth Summit. A panel of adults shared their personal stories which were quite inspiring! The CAST leaders held discussion groups that covered topics from substance misuse to healthy relationships. To conclude, a local representative from the government, Joelle Martin, helped many recognize how to create positive change in their communities. Our WLC Peer Leaders are excited to carry on this great work here in our school!
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Red Ribbon Week at WLC

Red Ribbon Week is a time to educate our students about drug abuse and prevention and to promote awareness surrounding this issue. The Red Ribbon campaign brings millions of people together to raise awareness regarding the need for alcohol, tobacco and other drug and violence prevention, early intervention, and treatment services. It is the largest, most visible prevention awareness campaign observed annually in the United States.

During the week of October 21-25 WLC students and staff united together with the following themes: Rally in red(Lei off drugs), Twin Day (Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Drugs), Unity Day, Dodgeball day (Team Up Against Drugs), and Meme Day (Put drugs to sleep).

We also had a guest speaker, Mary McGarry from the CDR United States Public Health Service, provide an eye opening presentation on vaping.

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¡A trabajar! Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

The Spanish students have been working very hard preparing the Community Garden for the arrival of the Monarch Butterflies in the Spring! We have separated seeds from the milkweed seed pods; we have an abundance of milkweed seeds that we will be planting in November! The Spanish and French students have raked and added soil into the garden bed in preparation for the seeds. In addition, we have mindfully and intelligently sourced local materials from the area for the wattle fence/garden bed border. The Industrial Arts students have done a beautiful job creating the wattle fence/garden bed boarder. They mapped out the garden area utilizing problem solving skills and advanced math concepts to find the right angles in accordance with sun exposure. The FACS students made lovely, brightly painted, birdhouses that are now part of the garden bed! It is truly a collaborative, student-led initiative that the students are not only enjoying, but learning real world problem solving skills as well as taking great pride in their hard work. In addition, the student-created vocabulary of “outside words” in Spanish is growing day by day! Our projects will reflect the use of these new words we are leaning in Spanish!

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New Arts Booster Club at WLC!

The arts enrich and enhance our young adults as they prepare for the future. At WLC, we are starting an Arts Booster Club to help support a number of activities including: Band, Vocal Music, Art, and Theatre. This year, we want to start fundraising for the following things:

  1. A WLC Pep Band
  2. Sound and lighting equipment for concerts and plays
  3. WLC Art Shows
  4. Tickets for students to experience professional performances and galleries
  5. Admission to arts education/performing festivals

Some of the ideas we came up with for fundraisers at our first meeting included:

  1. Open mic nights with coffee and dessert
  2. A family karaoke night
  3. Spaghetti dinners with student performances at entertainment
  4. Valentines Day fundraisers (flowers, etc)
  5. Student written play performances

We need parent and family support to make this happen! If you are interested, please come to our next meeting on November 12 at 6pm in the cafeteria.

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Bonjour des classes de français!! Hello from the French classes!

Each day we work together to share our learning by practicing what we learned last year orally in a circle and adding to what we know gradually.

French I in particular has been reviewing numbers, greetings, and the verb to be. We have used the information and added on to it to talk briefly about ourselves. Students can mention their first and last names, give you their ages, and tell you where they are from among other phrases. Ask them to tell you about themselves in French!

French II has recently completed a Bio Poem, which exhibits a snapshot of their lives! They mention who they are, their likes and things they want in life in addition to what they bring to the world. So proud of what they have done so far!

French III, in addition to review, has been learning about the famous French singer Édith Piaf, her life and music. We recently learned the song and sang La Vie en Rose with Ms. Edmunds in the audience! After we learned the song the students created a poster featuring a singer or group of their choice that they imagined could perform La Vie en Rose in concert. It was truly magical listening to them tell the class about their concerts.

The 6th grade World Language class has just completed learning the basics of French! They learned basic French greetings, colors, numbers 0-20, French cognates, and expressions to ask for permission to leave the classroom and more! Their ability to speak French and retain it is impressive! We are currently exploring Spanish for our last few weeks together! It has been wonderful having them in class!

7th Grade Language Arts Classes Create WeVideo on Irish Immigration

The seventh graders are currently reading the novel, Nory Ryan’s Song, in language arts class. This is a historical fiction book that takes place in the 1850’s during the Potato Famine. The students are doing research on this time period and how those events effected the Irish immigration to America. Some of their research will answer: Why did so may Irish people leave their homes? How did they get to America? What happened when they arrived? The students then take their research and turn it into a video. They make slides from their research, they add pictures and music and produce a 2 minute video. This platform is a great way for them to present their information while having fun learning.

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6th and 8th Grade Language Arts Happenings!

In the middle school, the sixth grade and eighth grade students began the year by creating name plates that represented themselves graphically through the use of color, text, and images. Students then presented their nameplate to the class by explaining each aspect of their creative work. This learning activity served as the foundation for our class culture that focuses on valuing the unique perspective of each person within our community.

Sixth grade students have also been learning how to strengthen their independent comprehension and analysis of texts through the use of active reading strategies. Students have demonstrated their engagement in a variety of texts including choice reading books and select short stories by creating original annotations as they read that reflect their thinking and analyses of the story. Short stories read to date include Gary Soto’s “Seventh Grade,” Francisco Jimenez’s “The Circuit,” and Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” As students complete this extensive learning unit, students will be transforming a course text into an original script and engage in dramatic performance using puppets modeled after story characters.

In eighth grade, students started the year with a review of key story elements. This review included demonstrating their understanding by applying these story elements to a variety of short stories. Short stories read included Kate Chopin’s “Story of An Hour” and Sandra Cisneros’ “Eleven.” Currently, the eighth grade is approaching the end of their first class novel of the year, The Devil’s Arithmetic. Throughout this learning experience, students have examined the development of characters as well as how the use of literary elements contributed to storytelling. During all readings, students learned how actively reading a text using annotations supports engagement in learning and strengthens understanding of material read.

Finally, all students completed an essay for the Patriot Pen essay contest by writing an original essay of 300-400 words exploring the theme “What makes America great.” Students have also completed their reading of an independent choice book and demonstrated their learning through an in depth book report project that required creativity and critical thinking on their chosen text. This project required students to work independently, actively read their text, complete a writing-based project, complete a creativity-focused project, and use evidence from their text to support their ideas.

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Special District Meeting

Saturday, Nov. 9th, 9am

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

No School - Veterans Day

Monday, Nov. 11th, 8am

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

Arts Booster Club Meeting

Tuesday, Nov. 12th, 6pm

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

College Access Convention Field Trip

Friday, Nov. 15th, 8am

229 Main Street

Keene, NH

Open to all sophomores and juniors.

Coop Connection Meeting

Monday, Nov. 18th, 6pm

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Filing your FAFSA

Tuesday, Nov. 19th, 6-7pm

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

Meet with Karen Collins from NHHEAF in the School Counseling Office and she will guide you through the process of filing a FAFSA.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

College Application Day

Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 8:30-11:30am

57 School Road

Wilton, NH

All seniors have the opportunity to apply for free to all NH Colleges and Universities!