Goldfields Life

By Adam

The different types of mining

The type main types of mining include alluvial and shaft mining. These two types of mining were particularily used during the goldrush

*Shaft mining is the type of mining where the miners would delve deep in the rocky mines. The two main types of tools used in the shaft mining were pickaxes and shovels. This type of mining was used for finding large chunks of gold.

*Alluvial mining was panning on the surface of the land or in the water. The tools that were mainly used were pans and cradles. In this type of mining you would not find large mounts of gold and only flakes could be found


Different tools were used during the goldrush depending on what type of mine you were mining with. The shaft miners would use pickaxes, shovels and cradles to find gold under the ground. If you were an alluvial miner you would use a pan, cradle or a puddling to seperate the clay from the gold to find gold on the surface or in the shallow creeks

The Chinese on the goldfiels

In the 1800s over 40,000 chinese migrants came to Australia to mine for gold. Many other people came from overseas but the Chinese found leftover gold bits the Australian were unable to find. In 1861 over 3.3 percent of Australias population was from the Chinese. Over 90% of Chinese migrants came from civil war and came to Australia to earn some money from finding gold. Many racist coments were made to the Chinese and later became the riot of the Eureka stockade.
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Life on the goldfields

Thousand of propectors went to the goldfields to mine for gold. Many different types of mining tecniques were used on the goldfields. It was hard work mining on the goldfields and was very hot on the goldfields. Racism was a very big part of the life on the goldfields and that is how the Eureka stockade begun. Many people did die on the goldfields as it was dangerous delving deep into the shafts.

Women on the Goldfields.

More than 160,000 wonem were on the goldfields. The wemon on the goldfields were usualy shopkeepers but it was hard work and physical labour. Even though 160,00 seems like alot but that was only little population of people on the goldfields. The work on the goldfields was tough, for the wemon and the men