Pike Street Fish Fry

Hole in the Wall Fish and Chips Place

Address: 925 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122

Price: $

To fulfill your fried fish craving, Pike Street Fish Fry is the place to go. On the corner of Pike and Union beside the Neumos, Pike Street Fish Fry may not look impressive. It has a sort of shabby atmosphere with wooden tables and sailor decor. The menu is pretty simple. It is a Fish and Chips place with a few pleasant surprises. The menu is constant changing but there are a few constants like Cat or Cod Fish and Chips or Pulled Pork Sandwich.

Hours: Everyday from 11:30am - 12am.


Fish and Chips: Price various for different fish or shellfish. Catfish ($8), Cod ($8.10), Oysters ($9), Shrimp ($9), Calamari ($8)

Just Fried: Variety of fried goods. Fries ($4), Asparagus ($5), Red Peppers ($5), Frito Mistro (Veggie mix $6)

Grilled: If fried isn't your jam, try their grilled goods. Shrimp ($9), Hawwaiian Abi Tuna ($11), Portabella Steak ($8), Hanger Steak with fries ($7), Pork Belly ($9)

Sandwiches: If you're not in the mood for seafood. Pulled Pork Sandwich ($6.20), Uli's Chorizo Sausage ($7.20), Field Roast Sausage Sandwich ($7)