~Whip it•Strip it•Flip it•in public~


The purpose of the colorguard is to interpret the music that the marching band is playing then make a routine by spinning of flags. Colorguard is a good way to meet friends and become a family. It defiantly takes dedication and determination.

Born to toss. Hope to catch!

"Love It, Live It, Spin It!" -S. Davis(Captain)

Caution! Colorguard at work. Watch for flying objects!

"I had an awesome time getting to know and working with the girls on the guard" -Mrs. April (sponsor)

Wanna Join?

Every year towards the end of the year color guard holds tryouts. All that is required for tryouts is to learn a few 8 counts of a routine, Drop spins, Windmills, Butterflies, and a couple of simple tosses.