March News

Ms. Paxson and Ms. Huff's Pre-K Class

What's new this Week:

Happy March! This week we have been focusing on one of my favorite authors- Dr. Seuss. We have been celebrating his birthday by reading a lot of his books and we even got to eat cake! I encourage you to read Dr. Seuss books with your child! They are great beginning readers!

For literacy small group we have been working on retelling a story by putting sequencing cards in order and retelling the story of the cards, Alphabet Bingo and Reading, making our own alphabet book and using a stylus pen with the iPad.

For content small groups we have continued to talk about animals and where they live, we did a cool experiment using skittles and water, we graphed goldfish and worked on fine motor skills by using tweezers and pom poms.

Dr. Seuss Week!

Home Connections:

Becoming Independent:

We are working hard on our skills to become independent. We have been working on completing all tasks in the classroom from the time we get to school to when we leave all by ourselves. This will help the students when they get into kindergarten as well as when they are at home. We need your help! Try to think of ways at home that your child can become more independent. It can be cleaning up after themselves, opening items of food, washing their hands after using the restroom, dressing themselves, following directions the first time they are asked, or any other tasks that they are capable of doing independently. The students are working very hard on earning caught-chas at school for being independent in the classroom.

*Please remember: Arrival is at 7:40am and Dismissal is at 2:35 pm*

All About Science

We are finishing up a science unit on Motion and Matter this week. We have done multiple experiments over the past few weeks. The upper grades will participate in a science fair tomorrow, so we don’t want to miss out on all of the FUN. We had lots of fun learning about recording our observations and performing our own experiments. We perfomed a Skittles experiment that the students loved this week using only skittles and water. Try your own real world science experiments at home. They are always fun! J

Things to Work on at Home:

1. Literacy: Here are a few frequent sight words to focus on: in, go, to, from, for.

2. Math: Counting to 100 and distinguishing between patterns.

3. Science: Describing and recording their observations using their senses.

4 . Social Studies: Discussing community helpers and what each of their jobs entails.

5. Writing: Name writing and sounding out words.

6. Social-Emotional: Independence, interaction with others, and trying new things.

Upcoming Events:

IMPORTANT- No Uniform Week:

TRES did a great job reaching the goal of $8000 raised for the coupon books so as a reward the students DO NOT have to wear uniforms the week AFTER Spring Break (March 17-21!


Thursday and Friday will be dress up days in celebration of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

Here’s a reminder for the remaining days this week:

Thursday, 3/6-GREEN DAY!

Wear as much green as you can to celebrate Green Eggs and Ham.

Friday, 3/8- CRAZY SOCK DAY!

Wear you favorite socks inn you grow up. (get creative instead of spending money!)

Timothy Road K-5 Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up soon! The days are March 26-28. These days will be early release for all students. School will get out at 12:20. Please remember that PreK will NOT have our conferences at this time. We will have our scheduled conferences at the beginning of May.

Upcoming Events:

- March 10-14 Spring Break

- March 26-28 Early Release Days (book fair!)

- May 16- Last day of school