Hot off the Press

Technology in the classroom

Provide name and link to technology. Example might be an app or tool.

Why is this technology useful in the classroom? Or why it is personally useful to you as a teacher

This technology is useful as a teacher because it is a resource that the students can use to work on their language arts skills or math skills, it is something that could be used during down time or even during your rotations


How does the tool or app work?

This tool is a website that is student driven that can be accessed through classroom computers or used on a table. The tool is student driven in that there are different activities that the students can pick from, depending on grade level and the skill they want to practice. The teacher can preload the computer to the specific game they want the child to use if there is something specific they want the class to be working on.

Why do you think it would be useful for the classroom or yourself personally?

This is useful in the classroom because I personally think it is beneficial when students get to learn in non-traditional ways so school doesn’t always feel like school. When learning involves games, the students are more apt to want to participate in these activities and it just adds another way for students to learn, exploring those multiple intelligences for students who learn auditory or visually.

What particular Common Core standards would this technology address? Give a short explanation.

This technology address multiple common core standards. The reason I liked this website is because each of the activities address a different common core standard. For example there is an alphabet bubble game, and when you click the game it states all of the language arts standards that the game addresses.