BY:Andrew Tucker

The body system that this effects

The pancreas is affected when you have diabetes and the pancreas is in the digestive system

how the body system normally works and now

When the pancreas is normal it helps digest food and make insulin. insulin is a hormone that reduces sugar in your body. in diabetes There bodys do not make and react to insulin the same as someone without diabetes your body does not make or react the same to insulin.
CrossFit - "Dealing With Diabetes" with Mike Hoge

signs and symptoms

Here are some signs and symptoms of diabetes. Peeing a lot also getting thirsty frequently, getting hungry even when you are eating, blurry vision, cuts that heal slowly, loss of weight even when you eat more (Type 1) tingling pain in the hands and feet (Type 2)


A doctor will determine if you have this disease, but after a blood sugar test and if you show some of the signs.


Diabetes can come from genetics or diet. If you are over weight you are more likely to get diabetes

target population

anyone can get it but it is more common in men. If you have a high BMI you have a higher risk.


The treatment is watching your diet and sometimes the doctor prescribes pills. If you have type 1 diabetes then you would have to take insulin.


with type 2 diabetes you can cure it but it takes a lot of work because you have to watch your weight very carefully and you have to exercise regularly. with type 1 diabetes though you have that for life.


Most of the people on my dads side of the family have diabetes. that is why I have my blood drawn every year.


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