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A GREAT Week Back in Kindergarten

Hi Kindergarten Families,

We had a fantastic week back to school after our week-long break. I enjoyed hearing all about the fun adventures our friends had while they were away from school, and I loved seeing how excited our classmates were to be back together :-) Please read our weekly newsletter for some important news and reminders for this upcoming week. As always, please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns!

Elementary Winter Celebration is Coming Up!

The Elementary Winter Celebration is a fun-filled day for all students Pre-K through 5th grade at FSAPS. All day on Thursday, December 18th students will rotate to 10 different winter-themed stations for a day filled with friends and fun to celebrate the end of our first semester at FSAPS and all their hard work. In order to make this day special for your Kindergarten students .. we need your help! Later this week you will be receiving an e-mail from me with details about the Winter Celebration events and Sign-Up Genius links.

This day involves a lot of materials to make it all happen, there were be many different items you will be able to sign up to donate for the special event. Also, if you are available to be a parent volunteer for the celebration, we would love to have you! Save this date in your calendar, and when you receive the detailed e-mail from me, please use the Sign-Up Genius link to choose your time slots and activities! We need all the parent volunteers we can get to help the day run smoothly.

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"Frosty Photos" Reminder

Next week each elementary class will take a fun, wintery photo as a whole group outside. This includes ALL elementary students Pre-K through 5th grade. We will pose each grade on the playground one at a time so we can develop the photos in time to put them in individual frames to be decorated during our Elementary Winter Celebration. We want to really convey that we’re having a frosty good time, so please send your child to school on their assigned day with a big winter coat, scarf, mittens, hat, etc. Thanks so much for your help and we promise the end result will be one VERY adorable photo! Please send your child to school in their "Frosty Photo" gear on Thursday, December 11th to have their class photo taken.

Homework Packet and Show-and-Tell

Your child will bring home their shortened Homework Packet on Monday. It is a little shorter due to MAP testing this week.

Show-And-Tell and Prize Box are on Wednesday! This Wednesday please bring an item from Long Ago and be able to explain what it is and where it came from! Our story in Reading will talk us back to the past this week.


A big CONGRATULATIONS to our students who earned their November AR Reading Goal! These students will receive a special dress down day, a slice of pizza, and a frozen treat. This special reward date is to be announced!

Congratulations to ....

Izzet, Aiza, Mateo, Aryan, Rohan, Daaniyal, Akshita, Yusuf, Allison, Atila, and Maddox!

I am so proud of you ... YOU ROCK!

Reading Logs and Accelerated Reader

Your students are doing a great job with their daily reading at home. Please keep working hard on reading and AR! I will collect our December reading logs when we return from Winter Break - make sure you keep up the great reading!

We will continue with our AR goal for the month of December... If your child took at least two AR tests and they earned a score of at least 85%, they will receive a special Dress Down Day, popsicle, and Pizza slice in January for meeting their December goal. Good luck and please let me know if you have any issues logging in or need to know your child's password. The reward date is to be announced.

When we return from Winter Break our AR goals will become a bit more challenging! I am so proud of our great readers.

Winter MAP Assessments are HERE!

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week your child will take their Reading MAP Assessment. You did a fantastic job of making sure you students were well rested and ready to test this past week, please do the same this week! We will be able to look at your child's MAP scores from the beginning of the year to see how they have progressed, and how we can help them become even more successful as the year continues. Please encourage your child to do their best and take their time, but do not stress! I want your child to have a positive testing experience. Please make sure your child gets a great night's sleep, has a healthy breakfast, and is at school on time. We begin our MAP testing right away during 1st period both days. Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns regarding our MAP testing.

Science Fair was a BLAST!

Our Kindergarten students had such a great time doing their Science Fair Experiments this past month as a big group. Your students were able to learn about the scientific process.

Each team created a Big Question for their experiment, worked together to develop a hypothesis, determined the procedure of their experiment, tested the experiment, and wrote about their conclusion. You can view all of the Kindergarten Science Fair Project Posters in the hallway. Stop by to see all the fun your students have had, and all the hard work they have done!

Also, click on the Flickr link below if you'd like to view more photos from our experiment days :-)

Science Fair Water Wheel

"Water Wheel" Experiment!

Dancing Raisin Experiment Success

"Dancing Raisins" Experiment!

New Folders

A few families have pointed out that their child's take-home folder is in rough shape! This is expected after traveling to-and-from school every day with your Kindergartener :-) If you can, please try to make your child's folder last until the Holiday Break. I will be giving all of our students a brand new folder to start the second semester when they return to Kindergarten in January. This way.. they will be able to have a brand new folder to hold all their good behavior stickers! :-)

Names in your Jackets and Change of Clothes

Very important...... many of our Kindergarten friends are now wearing their FSAPS fleece jackets to school because of the cooler weather. Please make sure your child's name is in their jacket! Many of our students do not have their name, and we cannot tell our jackets apart :( It is very important that your child's uniforms are labeled with their names.

Sometimes messes happen in Kindergarten! We always like to be prepared for this by keeping an extra change of clothes in your child's cubby. Does your child have a change of clothes that is appropriate for the cooler weather headed our way? If not, please make sure to send in a bag (labeled with your child's name) for them to hold in their cubby.

Curriculum Corner...

Reading and Language Arts: In Reading and Language Arts this week, your students will be reading and listening to the story George Washington Comes to Visit. We will use this story to begin our talking about how things are different now compared to time in the past. Our reading skill for the week will be cause and effect. Your students will practice listening and reading stories that show a cause and effect relationship and be able to discuss the cause and effect relationship. We will also continue to practice the writing process: focusing on sounding out our words, forming nice and neat letters, and writing complete sentences.

Social Studies: In Social Studies your students are really learning about maps and different directions. We will begin talking about a different type of map that we can use: a globe! We will learn about the different types of landforms and bodies of waters, and we will practice reading a globe.

Science: Now that we have completed our Science Fair projects, we will be jumping back into our Interactive Science curriculum. We will be focusing on Chapter 3 by discussing different objects and using our scientific words to compare and talk about different types of objects.

Math: This week in Math we will continue with Chapter 6. On Friday, your child will take their assessment on the skills and concepts covered in Chapter 6. Your students will continue to practice using the tens-frames model to help them count and identify numbers. We will continue to compare numbers by talking about how they are more than or less than, and we will continue to practice simple addition and subtraction with some fun winter-themed small group activities.

How Can YOU help our Kindergarten Classroom?

- Sign up to be a Mystery Reader on Friday mornings at 8:00am (sign up is outside our classroom door)

- Sign Up to send in materials for our "Winter Celebration"

- Sigh Up to be a parent volunteer for our "Winter Celebration"

Thank you for all you do!

Save The Dates:

December 9th-10th: Kindergarten Reading MAP Assessments

December 11th: "Frosty Photo" taken

December 18, 2014: Elementary Winter Celebration

December 19, 2014: Kindergarten "Frozen" Day!

Elementary Awards Ceremony (this does not include Kindergarten classes)

December 19, 2014: Last Day of 1st Semester