Beating the Odds

Lakeview Staff Newsletter - March 22

From this week's staff meetings ...

At our mini-staff meetings this week, we talked about combining our accumulated expertise at the Units of Study and being responsive to student needs. The way we use time within the workshop block and the way we group students are both impactful. Here are our two places for focus:

Stamina (engagement with a just-right text for the expected amount of time)

Small groups (finding that flexibility in workshop to be responsive to student needs)

If students do not have the expected stamina, take the time to rebuild stamina so that students can be even more independent - that will help allow small groups to function uninterrupted. Feel free to also talk about routines and "just right" texts. Be sure to give feedback to students on their stamina. Also, continue to think of the pie charts and (for grades 3-5) the ABC schedules and book club ideas from Jen when you are thinking of how to keep time for small groups.


I have compiled much of the info you need about Forward into one document (link here). It also talks about testing environments. Please be sure you are doing the Online Tools Training with students weekly as you prepare for testing. 4th grade starts with testing right after our long weekend. Please plan for a very quiet south hallway throughout most of April.


4th grade - April 2, 3, 4, 8

3rd grade - 8, 9, 10, 12, 15

5th grade - April 15, 17, 18

April 1st PD Day

The schedule for the PD day may be found here, and there is some time for personalized PD built in on April 1. Please look at your SLO and PPG, as well as your PPD reflections from this year (in Google Classroom) to think about what you want to accomplish on April 1. It goes without saying, but please be sure your choice is connected to student achievement.

Spring Concert Pictures

Thank you, Mrs. Tinsen, for another great concert! Here are some photos of each group and the students who were on stage for the all-school song:
Big picture

Looking Ahead

Wednesday, March 27

Math lab day for 3rd-5th grade teachers

HS a cappella groups 12:30-12:50 in gym (all school assembly)

Thursday, March 28

Brewer's Home Opener - wear Brewer's gear

11:45 student dismissal - teacher work time in the afternoon

1:00-1:45 Lakeview Trauma Sensitive Team in library

Friday, March 29

No school for students or staff

Monday, April 1

PD Day (link to schedule) - No students

Wednesday, April 3

Lakeview AdvancED team 7:30-8:00 a.m.

Thursday, April 4

Social Studies leadership team 4-5 p.m.

Friday, April 5

Field trips - 5K to Museum and 4/5 to First Stage

PTO Update

You may not have all seen it at the concert, but we did recognize Chris Clausen and Marta Ahler for their years of service to the PTO. Certainly there are many other names that should be included in this list (Shannon Tierney, Kristen Maes, and Christina Snead quickly come to mind). One of the most amazing things at Lakeview this year is happening out of most of our sight - the transition from one generation of PTO involvement and leadership to a new group. This entire year has been spent helping make sure these new parents are able to build on the shoulders of the past.

The April PTO meeting is cancelled due to the Spring Luau on April 11 from 5-7 p.m. Attending part of the Luau counts as attending a meeting, so if you were scheduled for the April meeting (link here), feel free to come to the Luau for an hour - I am sure the PTO would appreciate seeing teachers there as well. If that does not work for you, the May PTO meeting will be May 16 from 5:30-6:30. Please be sure you have attended at least once this year.

Finally, the PTO is planning to open nominations for executive board officers in mid-April, with the official election in May.

2019-2020 Global Read Aloud

The Global Read Aloud was started by a Wisconsin educator named Pernille Ripp, who teaches in Oregon, WI (near Madison). Pernille's love of literacy now has her traveling the world to talk to educators, but one of her early endeavors that continues today is the Global Read Aloud. This is something I would love for us to do in Fall, but there are two things to look at now:

Sign up for the Global Read Aloud (classroom teachers)

Vote for the Read Aloud book (voting is only open until Thursday 3/28)

You may find more info about the GRA on the same website, especially on this page.

Structural Items

Master Schedule - In preparation for the AdvancED visit, please be sure our master schedule is correct. The reviewers may come at any time asking to see a particular subject, and we need to be able to accommodate. Please inspect your times and make any adjustments or notes as needed.

P/A system music - Now that we are past the concert, the 10:57 transition music will be discontinued. Also, if you have some favorites for the 3:35 music (70's, 80's, 90's, etc.) on a CD that you want to hear, bring it in and I'll play your requests. Sorry, no Tupac.

Thank you - I just want to take a moment to say "thank you" to everyone for scheduling medical appointments creatively and for working together when needs arise. That really is a big indicator of building culture, and we all do that really well here. Thanks.

Postcards - Remember we always have post cards and stamps in the office if you would like to send a positive post card home to a student. With some long weekends and spring break on the horizon, this can be helpful (we did this back at Thanksgiving).

Family newsletter - Link to this week's family newsletter

Elementary Blackout Dates - Here is a link to the calendar

Character Dares & Trauma Sensitive Schools

We give a LOT of feedback as educators. Feedback is the "oil" that makes our educational engine run smoothly, turning dots of information into a web of knowledge. Science tells us there are ways to provide feedback that can make the listener more likely to act on it.
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