Description of the Sloth.

The sloth is The sloth is the most slowest and most laziest mammal in the world. They are identified by the number of claws on their feet. They are mainly two-toed and three-toed. They spend most of their time aloft.

How is the Sloth Born? How does it take care of it's young?

Sloths give birth like any other mammal. They let the baby lay on their stomach and breast feed them. The mother keeps them until they’re one year old and kills them when they reach three years of age.

How does it get its food? What does it eat?

Sloths mainly eat bugs and leaves, they eat these because of how slow they move and can only eat the slow moving bugs.

Where does it live, and what are some of its habits?

The sloth can mainly be found in Central and South America. They have a powerful grip grip, when they die they even retain their grip. They like to sleep 15-20 hours a day. They are the most laziest animals in the world.

Who are its enemies, and how does it defend itself?

Their main enemies are big cats, snakes, and harpy eagles. A sloths only defense is its claws.