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Scarborough's Summary

Only 13 more days with students!

We registered OVER 200 NEW K students Thursday! WOW! It was awesome to see our new students so eager to be here and learn. Thanks to everyone who made it run smoothly!

Kudos Korner from the Admin Team

Kudos to Terilyn Smith and her work with STEM club and Boy Scouts!

Kudos to everyone who helped with K registration, especially Phyllis and Patricia.

Kudos to Raye, Pat, and Leigh for a great inventory wrap-up!

Media Center News

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Counselors' Corner

Keep encouraging students to have perfect attendance these last few weeks!

Custodian Closet

no news this week

Technology Tips

Staff and Student FLP Surveys should be completed by May 13th. The student link can be found on the school's eCLASS landing page. I have included the Staff link below.

Yearbooks will be delivered on the day of your grade levels field day. There are a few 5th grade students that are unable to purchase yearbooks, if you are willing to donate a book. Please let me know. Donated books are being sold for $18. I also have 16 books that are missing their first page on sale for $10. They are being sold on a first come first served basis.

Coaches' corner

No news this week

Parent Connection

Great K registration day!

Calendar of Events

5/6- SNP Appreciation Day- let our cafe folks know how much they are appreciated!

5/11- Nurse Appreciation Day- let Mrs. B know how much she is appreciated!

5/13- Relay for Life

5/16- NTN

5/16- Finalize Grades

5/17- Head Custodian Breakfast at the Infinity Civic Center

5/18- 5th grade promotion celebration at MHS 6 pm

5/23- RLT

5/23- End of year RBES due


5/26- Staff cookout celebration

5/26-27- Post planning for teachers

RES Birthdays


5/1 Kyla Ramsey

5/4 Allison Sockwell

5/7 Phyllis Nye

5/10 Bethany King

5/13 Tameika Hairston

5/18 Don Caron

5/19 Aisha Rodriguez

5/21 Paz Aguilar, Tina Martin

5/22 Shanna McCauley